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The Official Unofficial College and Magnolia Survivor Pool - v3.3

West Virginia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

After two short weeks, we’re down to our TOP TEN! We dropped three members last week, although two, Patrick Vincent Newton and author of BOOM! Roasted Drew Mac, declined to submit a pick. Shame! SHAME!

The only picker who choose poorly. danster08, picked Arkansas to triumph over the Rebs, and that did, uh, not happen. RIP.

So what games do we have to choose from this week? Well, there’s not many options here. Let’s take a look. Pickable teams in bold.

Kansas State (2-0) @ Mississippi State (2-0) - 11:00

#2 Alabama (2-0) @ South Carolina (1-1) - 2:30

#9 Florida (2-0) @ Kentucky (2-0) - 7:00