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Snap Judgments: #8 Auburn 55, Kent State 16

That felt a little better.

NCAA Football: Kent State at Auburn Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports

For the first time this season, Auburn got the chance to really stretch it’s legs on offense. Although it was against a pretty bad Kent State team, the outburst of offense helped the Auburn faithful feel a little better about what this team can accomplish in the following weeks, particularly against a highly ranked Texas A&M team up next on the schedule.

We’re three and oh, a top 10 team, and ready to jump into the conference schedule. Life’s good, y’all.

After a few hiccups, Auburn steamrolled Kent State. The backups got some good action, and it was really nice to see Auburn run the ball. Hopefully Derrick Brown is healthy for Saturday’s game against A&M.

- Josh Dub

AU did what they should do against a bad team. Was it perfect? No. Bo missed some throws he needs to complete, AU dropped some passes that must be caught and the defense had some frustrating moments. But AU heads into SEC play 3-0 and some momentum. They did what they needed to do. Now it’s time to find out what kind of squad we really have in 2019

- AU Nerd

Auburn has beaten a team that will won the pac 12 most likely, a team that will challenge for the AAC and then did what they were supposed to do vs Kent State. Rome wasn’t built in a day. 2010 Auburn didn’t look amazing vs Arkansas state or Kentucky, but they figured it out. Do I think this team is that good? No. But I do think this is a 12 week season and auburn has finished the first quarter of it unscathed. That means something. It was good tonight to see how auburn tried some things in the run game to build some confidence in this o-line unit. Also, they played We’ve Got Jared at halftime. You can’t tell me nothin’ now.

- Son of Crow

Auburn took care of business tonight. The Tigers ran for over 450 yards tonight and they accomplished their goal of establishing the run tonight. After 2 frustrating Homecoming games the last 2 years, it was nice to have a mostly drama-free homecoming. There were certainly some things that didn’t go right but overall, you have to be pleased with tonight’s performance. Now the fun begins....

- Will McLaughlin

This is what I expect to see out of an Auburn football team against an overmatched opponent. There were times where the defense looked out of position, and there were times where our TRUE FRESHMAN quarterback did TRUE FRESHMAN things with the ball. All in all I will take a feel good win heading into conference play. We may not have run the ball better against thin air and it instills some confidence that we can improve in the run game. And hey, it’s been a minute since we’ve been able to say that we’re 3-0. I’ll take that with this bunch. Now let’s pray Derrick feels fine and has sweet dreams of delicious quarterbacks to eat these next 3 weeks, Seth has moved from the good stuff down to Tylenol, Tega is feeling more upbeat after hopefully just taking the weekend off because he misses his giraffe, and Anthony can squeeze a stress ball with a smile on his face. Because it’s time to buckle up, and we’re gonna need them on this ride.

- Josh Black

Just like the world was ending after we struggled moving the ball against Tulane, now we’re the best team in the world, right? RIGHT? The truth is that this was a really bad Kent State team, but credit to Auburn for playing the “good team” role well in the “good team kills bad team on Homecoming” scenario. Bo was 12-16 for 161 and a touchdown, and if not for Boobee dropping a wheel route, Nix’s night could’ve been even better. Sure, he missed a few throws due to some questionable footwork, but those things can be fixed for a true freshman. The rushing game looked dominant, with big holes created by the offensive line and three players (Whitlow, Shivers, Gatewood) running for 100+ and 4 combined touchdowns. Not to mention another 71 yards on 7 carries by Kam Martin. Eli Stove is starting to emerge as “the guy” at receiver for at least as long as Seth Williams is out. We knew Auburn had the skill players to tally this kind of performance, but it was good to see the offensive line come in and throw their weight around too. The defense got exposed a few times early for being overly aggressive on screen plays, but still they played an overall good game. Although it was a little disconcerting to see Derrick Brown have to leave the game, it was good to see Marlon and Truesdell plow through the Kent State line for four combined sacks. Last thing - Roger McCreary and Noah Igbinoghene have been big time surprises for me this year. McCreary has had a ton of balls thrown his way and has for the most part shut down his receivers, and I’ve barely heard Iggy’s name at all, which is the highest praise of all for a true shutdown corner. All in all, I’m happy we’re 3-0 and looking primed to role in to College Station next week.