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BOOM! Roasted! - Week 1

Week One…A week of excitement. A week of hope. A week of crushing expectations that your team did absolutely nothing to improve in the offseason. That last one hopefully avoided all of you this weekend (except for 3 ½ quarters you thought this is your life and the choices you have made led you here). There were some pour souls that met this sad fate and I know you did catch everything like Seth Williams catches Touchdown passes in the final seconds of games! It’s ok though because I have snagged them in a Deadliest Catch fishing net to present to you in this week’s BOOM! Roasted!


If you haven’t been to Knoxville for a football game or haven’t seen a College Gameday segment when they are in Knoxville (it’s been a hot minute so I can’t blame you), Neyland Stadium backs up to the banks of the Tennessee River and just down from the stadium are some docks where the Volunteer Navy tailgates. It’s a great group of folks that boat up or down the river and let the good times roll in a unique tailgating experience.

This year, however, the Navy started off with a bang…

Oof, Todd got a little too excited with the lighter fluid and forgot that the Peyton Pontoon was commissioned in the 1950 and made of extremely dry pinewood.

Glad to hear Casey and the rest of the bros got out with their lives, but who is gonna save all those sweet Whiteclaws at the bottom of the river bro?!?

These pregame activities help explain what happened later in the day when the Vols took on the feared Panthers of Georgia State. After the teambuilding exercise of saving the Vol Navy boat, the defense was just way too exhausted to stop a Georgia State team that went 3-9 last year as both teams traded scores throughout the game. That is until the 4th quarter, with Tennessee leading 23-21 the Panthers went on a tear…

Which set this up…

Tennessee paid 950K for Georgia State to play them this weekend. There’s no comment after that, the sentence itself is enough.



Coach Hugh Freeze returned to the game nursing a Staph infection that forced him to have a hospital bed installed in a booth at Williams Stadium in Lynchburg, VA. The giggle you are feeling now was only the beginning though.

Bunkie Perkins went for the win though:

It also gave us the most unique postgame handshake ever…

You do you Coach…don’t ever change.


Last year we had a weekly check in on the Noles and new coach Willie Taggart because, for lack of a better phrase and looking to keep it clean, I am not a fan of FSU. I was going to not reference them this year cause I leaned on them a little bit but I will extend an olive branch and see how things are going this year.

So the fumble isn’t great but hey! That’s a lead on a good Boise team! So Coach Willie and the boys coasted to the win at home in the heat right?

Wait? Who? They scored how many unanswered?!?

Well, I’m sure the fan base will take this one with understanding and grace.

Yup, the weekly update is still on for this year.

That will do it for this week, did I miss any one that should be roasted? If I did, feel free to roast them properly. Until next week, you have my permission to judge openly just like the Ol’ Ball Coach…