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46 Days to Tip-Off - My Guy Bryce. Brownnnnnnn.

NCAA Basketball: Vanderbilt at Auburn Butch Dill-USA TODAY Sports

Back to the countdown life for me! For real, though, shoutout to Dr. McLaughlin for heading this project up. Big scoring games are way more fun to talk about that potential recruiting busts.

I’ve got the honor of writing the countdown post today, as Will is on the road moving up to Nashville. Quite fittingly, I’m here to talk about Bryce Brown GOING OFF against an admittedly pretty bad Vanderbilt team.

Total Points: 25

Date: February 3rd, 2018

Opponent: Home vs Vanderbilt

Final Score: Auburn 93 Vandy 81

The Tigers were red hot at this point in SEC play, sitting at 20-2 going into the game and 9-1 in conference. On a Saturday night in Auburn Arena, the crowd was buzzing. At this point, Auburn was locking up an NCAA Tournament Berth, and a win over a hapless Vandy team would help further that cause.

Normally I would post in gif form, but Rod and Sonny had some fantastic calls in this game. Watch the video.

Auburn was locked in from beyond the arc, and that cause was led by Bryce Brown. His 5-7 from 3 led the team to a 17-26 night (65%!). There are a few specific highlights in here that remind me of just how ridiculous this team was in conference play, including some just stupid in-sync-ness between Jared Harper and Bryce Brown (0:35 in video). He also opened the half with a big steal and dunk to stretch Auburn’s double digit lead (1:12).

I have fond memories of this game, and if you look closely, you’ll see Will, my wife, and myself in the first row of the student section at the top of the Auburn offensive key in the second half. Suffice to say we got into the games a little bit.

For game day tomorrow, the man in charge (Jack) will take you back to the 2016 Iron Bowl on the hardwoods.