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BOOM! Roasted! - Week 4

If you break down the College Football season like a meal at your favorite Brazilian Steakhouse, the first 3 weeks are when you go and check out the massive salad bar and get the mac-n-cheese and the mashed potatoes with gravy. Its really good, and you definitely will go back for more but not too much, cause it’s time for the meat, AKA Week Four. So much goodness to choose from that you were sure to miss some, if not all of the bad (but good for us) stuff that happened. But fear not bar patron, we just tapped the keg on this week’s BOOM! Roasted!


A ton has been made of going to Baton Rogue for a game and having the smell of food and beer (and a copious amount of other alcohols for that matter) waft in your general direction. It’s because they drink…like a lot. Like insane levels of drinking. Don’t believe me? Well just ask the bars in the midtown area of Nashville.

In defense of the bar, this is more of a whiskey/bourbon town (thank the Lord because daddy needs his Eagle Rare and Mitcher’s during a game), but how do you run out of ALL THE VODKA IN THE BAR!! And for that matter, HOW DO YOU DRINK ALL THE VODKA IN THE BAR?? IN 40 MINUTES!?!? Luckily for LSU fans though, the game kicked at 11 and Vandy decided to sell beer at the games, so they could keep the DTs at bay as long as the lines weren’t too long…

DAMNIT!! Not sure if there’s a time stamp on this, but that was posted at 11:32 am Saturday. And the news only got worse for everyone as the concession stands would run out of beer before halftime…HALFTIME! Things did get better though.

Needless to say, LSU took everything from the Dores as they hung a 66 spot on them in a 66-38 romp. You would think Nashville would understand how to properly stock alcohol, what with all the bachelorette parties we have here (my wife and I counted 25 one night) but this morning (and the rest of the day for that matter) will long be remembered as the day the LSU and their fans drank Nashville dry.


Ok, if you didn’t think of Mike Leach dressed up like Captain Jack Sparrow then you’re doing things wrong. Ok, so imagine the old school 30 for 30 music hits.

What if I told you that a team was down 32 midway through the 3rd quarter and came back to win?

What if I told you a quarterback completed 41 passes, threw for 570 yards and 9 TDs and lost?

What if I told you that a team turned the ball over on the first or second play of their drives 4 times?

All of those things are true, and there’s so much more.

I know we’ve shown this before but here is the winner for now and all times

There’s no video of this masterpiece because you shouldn’t take it out of context. Just know that UCLA scored 50….I didn’t mistakenly hit a wrong key, they scored 50 in the second half to pull off this win.

(This hurt me but my therapist says it’s a part of the healing…)


In Tallahassee, the Noles looked to bounce back from the last second loss to UVA last week against a game Louisville squad in front of dozens at the Doak.

I think I’ve seen more people at an FSU baseball game than this. That’s not really fair though, because they are good at baseball (although they still have never won in Omaha), but still, THIS IS FSU FOOTBALL! DO SOMETHING!

Well FSU would jump out to their usual 21-0 lead before letting Louisville take a 24-21 lead in the second half. This time, however, FSU went to Wisconsin transfer Alex Hornibrook and was able to pull off the 35-24 win to even up the record at 2-2. The Noles have a chance to get above .500 next week against an NC State team that…well….doesn’t look great. MEANWHILE…Wisconsin had a good weekend.

That’s at the half…Michigan Men…what’s happening???

A loss for words. Ok, Jim…what say you?

WOH MAN!!! Give a brother a heads up, kids read this thing! Maybe, I don’t know. But Michigan men don’t use potty language like they are from Ohio or something! Also, shame on you Fox…

Charles Woodson didn’t ask for that. Seated next to the guy that use to coach your arch rival while your team has unspeakable…dark web stuff done to it. He didn’t ask for that. But there is good news Michigan fans!

Safe to say, Harbaugh is now a fixture in the TAGGART WATCH!