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The Official Unofficial College and Mag Survivor Pool - v3.5

Top 5 for Week 5

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Through four weeks of the Survivor Pool, we’ve lost 23 people to South Carolina, two to Mississippi State, one to Arkansas, one to Kentucky, and four to absenteeism. What’s the moral of the story? Take the safe pick now and watch every one else fail. Who cares about getting stuck with Vandy, Tennessee, and Arkansas in November if nobody else is there to pick against?

Last week, we lost PlainsmenDoItBetter in a head-to-head duel with Foy Onion; PDiB taking Kentucky and Foy taking Mississippi State. Joe Moorhead and the Bulldogs bested the Fighting Bluegrass 28-13, meaning PDiB has been eliminated. RIP buddy.

That leaves us with five remaining in this Survivor Pool. AUNerd, Foy Onion, Horace Spencer’s Shoulder Muscles, schlanky, and myself. What do we have to choose from this week? Not much! Unfortunately I’m not sure there will be much blood this week, with two glaringly obvious choices on the table.

#23 Texas A&M (2-2) @ Arkansas (2-2) - 11:00 AM

Ole Miss (2-2) @ #2 Alabama (4-0) - 2:30 PM

Mississippi State (3-1) @ #7 Auburn (4-0) - 6:00 PM

Kentucky (2-2) @ South Carolina (1-3) - 6:30 PM

Can I interest anyone in some Ole Miss?