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39 Days til Tip-Off - Tay Waller

Today, we go wayyyyy back!

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So one of the reasons I wanted to do this countdown was to become more familiar with Auburn Basketball prior to the Bruce Pearl days. Granted there were several years that I’m sure most people may want to forget but honestly, I’m learning as much from this as I hope you all are. I say this as I introduce today’s featured player on the countdown.

Today at #39, we go back to the 2009-2010 season (also known as Ryan Sterritt’s freshmen year in HIGH SCHOOL). It was Auburn’s final year Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum and the next to last home game in that building. Auburn actually won their final 5 home games in Beard-Eaves before moving to Auburn Arena and this game was the 4th of those 5 games.

Today’s featured player is Tay Waller, a senior guard from Manchester, Georgia. Waller was 2nd on the team in scoring averaging 15.3 points per game. He played at Auburn for 2 years after beginning his career at Junior College but in 2 years, he made 187 career 3-pointers for Auburn.

Total Points: 26

Date: February 27, 2010

Opponent: LSU

Final Score: Auburn 74 LSU 59

Waller had quite a 3 game stretch for Auburn. He scored 29 in the 2 games prior (which we’ll discuss soon) and 26 in this game.

Waller was 8-13 in this game, including 6-10 from 3-point range and 4-5 from the free throw line. He hit back to back 3s to start the game and Auburn never trailed in this game. They led by 17 at halftime and LSU never got closer than 9 in the 2nd half.

So a little background on the 2009-2010 Auburn team: Auburn was actually in the Top 50 nationally in scoring that season but was in the 300s nationally in points allowed per game. This was also Jeff Lebo’s final season coaching Auburn before the Tigers moved on from Lebo.

I couldn’t find video of this game in particular but I did find a video of Tay Waller’s senior season at Auburn to share.

Tomorrow at #38, we look at an Auburn win over Mississippi State from 2014.