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History Repeating: The Mississippi State Game

NCAA Football: Auburn at Texas A&M 22John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Well, well...If you watched the game last week and didn’t see EXACTLY what I predicted would happen take place in exactly the way I said it would, then you my friend are an idiot. I nailed it, as I often do, with science. Auburn nailed it too, improving to 4-0. I want to do it again for you, the seven people who read this and comment on each of my articles. I love you that much.

Let’s go back. Let’s bring the past to the present. Let’s take a turn for the absurd to spray-paint the graffiti of the gang of Days Gone By on the wall of this game. This one is going to get weird.

Maria Von Trapp’s Birthday

On September 28, 1914 Maria Von Trapp was born. She would grow up, flee Nazi controlled Austria with her family, and start a family singing group. Her family’s life was depicted in the musical The Sound of Music and that is what this blog is about now.

Maria was called “Louisa” in the musical because I guess they didn’t want to have too many people named Maria in the same family, which is fair.

The character of Louisa is always the rebellious younger sister. She’s not 16 going on 17 like her sister who is being wooed in the most problematic song in the whole show. Seriously, what is going on in that song? It’s like the Baby, It’s Cold Outside of musical numbers. People used to be really lousy to women, you guys...luckily EVERYTHING is fine now.

Louisa is always playing tricks on her governesses—hiding spiders in their beds and giving them the wrong name—and tries this on Julie Andrews but it doesn’t work because Julie Andrews is a goddess.

Anyway, Louisa’s family defeats fascism through song, and I can totally get behind that. However, she has like zero lines in the movie and no real solos in any songs. She is as background of a character as it gets in the show, unlike her stepmom Julie Andrews.

That’s Louisa flapping around like a bird, and that’s all anyone remembers about her. Sure, her family did some great things, but no one even remembers she is a part of it.

The Mississippi State Game

If the SEC West was the Von Trapp Family Singers, Mississippi State might be Louisa. Remember that interesting thing they are known for doing each year? You don’t? Yeah because they don’t do anything. Even with the most talented team they ever had, they accomplished nothing other than losing the Orange Bowl to Georgia Tech. Yeah I had to look that up because I did not remember anything about that game or who was in it. If you put a gun to my head and told me to name one interesting play in the 2014 Orange Bowl, you’d have to kill me.

That’s the whole of Mississippi State football. The skit on the rap album that is SEC football. You skip it every time. Or at least I do.

But Gus Malzahn doesn’t. Not this year. Dude sounded mad at his press conference you guys. He wants to kill this team that is basically the rice in the burrito bowl of the schedule. And I think he does it.

Mississippi State 14

Auburn 41