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37 Days to Tip-Off - Kareem Canty

“They’re not gonna keep em off the court, today!!!!”

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Total Points: 26

Date: January 16, 2016

Opponent: #13 Kentucky

Final Score: Auburn 75 Kentucky 70

#37 is a special one for me personally! It’s another great performance from Kareem Canty in a landmark win for the Auburn Basketball program. Auburn had lost 18 straight against Kentucky and their last win against them came all the way back to the 1999-2000 season.

Today’s Countdown article is a little bit different than some of the others games because I want to share more of my personal thoughts today. This game is very special to me. It’s one of the first games from my time as a student in Auburn Arena that I will never forget, especially in SEC play. It was the first time I got to see Kentucky play in person which was cool for me as a College Basketball fan to check that box off my list. It was a jammed pack student section that was full more than an hour before the game started. I remember the excitement leading up to this game and having some high but realistic expectations. My hope for this game was that Auburn would hang in there and make Kentucky have to earn the win on this Saturday afternoon.

Kentucky and Auburn went back and forth in the 1st half and the Cats took a 35-30 lead to the locker room. That halftime score look familiar to you? That’s because that was the same exact score in the Elite 8 Game this past season.

Kentucky came out strong and took a 12 point about 5 minutes into the 2nd half and I distinctly thinking, Auburn’s gotta make a run here or it could get ugly. Auburn made that run to get within strike as Canty started getting hot from 3-point range.

With about 10 minutes left and down 1, Canty stepped into a 3 and drilled it to give Auburn it’s first lead of the 2nd half. Canty and Tyler Harris carried the Tigers down the stretch. With 5:44 left, Canty banked a 3-pointer in from a tough angle to put Auburn back in front 61-59. The game continued to go back and forth as the lead swapped hands several times. With 1:32 left and Kentucky up 67-65, Canty put Auburn ahead for good converting and And-One play with a layup and a foul, on a play in which it looked like he rolled his ankle a little bit.

Here is all 3 of those plays in video form!

As for Canty’s final line he played 39 minutes going 7-20 from the field, 5-12 from 3-point range and 7-11 from the free throw line. He scored 21 of his 26 points in the 2nd half.

Auburn made their free throws in the last minute to hang on and close out the game.

Something unusual happened with 1.2 seconds left, Coach Cal took most of his players off the floor knowing what we were fixing to do. He was right and the extremely amateur video proof from yours truly is below.

What a time to be ALIVE!!!!! They weren't going to keep us off the court tonight!!!!! What a win!! WARRRR EAGLE!!!!!!

Posted by Will McLaughlin on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Here’s another angle of it for you all to enjoy!

Tomorrow at #36, we go back to the season opener of the 2012-2013 season.