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SNAP JUDGMENTS: #7 Auburn 56, Mississippi State 23

A true whoopin’.

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn 56

Mississippi State 23

How did we feel about that one? Well, it was awesome.





-Son of Crow

Last year, I went to the Auburn-Miss State game and our offense was brutal to watch. Tonight, Auburn was up 21-0 before Miss State knew what hit them. Bo Nix had 386 total yards and hit several deep balls that fans have been longing for. The fumbles were an issue but overall, a lot of good things tonight. Now they look at the showdown next week in Gainesville! Can’t wait!

-Will McLaughlin




I mean just look at that line. #10 carved em up. The defense created havoc. Boobee scored 3 times. I’m so damn proud of this team. 5-0 and let’s ride for Gainesville.

-James Jones

Auburn fully set Bo Nix loose tonight & we all saw why he won the starting job. He for the first time all season looked fully in control of this offense and it was beautiful to watch. The defense got gashed some by a few of the same concepts as last year but overall were dominant once again. Auburn proved tonight that they are without a doubt a top 10 team. Now it’s time to go to the Swamp and prove they aren’t. WAR DAMN EAGLE.

-AU Nerd

That was a whole lotta fun. Bo Nix is no longer a true freshman. He’s grown into his role nearly fully. The offensive line showed that maybe they have a higher ceiling than previously thought. It feels good to get the win despite some mistakes. Now on to another huge test in Gainesville. I think these guys are ready. War Eagle!

-AU Chief

It’s embarrassing. Losing to Mississippi State on any given year is embarrassing. At Auburn, you have to beat the Mississippis, Arkansas, and A&M before you can start to consider having a successful season. And when you get embarrassed, you sure as hell better remember it the next year. And oh boy did we.

So, I was at a wedding this past weekend. I don’t think I’ve missed an SEC game in Jordan-Hare Stadium since I was forced to going to my HS Homecoming dance in 2003 and missed the win over Tennessee. The wedding was fine. Groom’s cake trumped the bride’s, as always. Wore a tux since I was a groomsman. It was outside. I was hot.

YouTube TV is really worth the money, because that along with a Mophie battery case can do a lot for your life if stuck in a similar situation. I’ve seen the first half, I’m just now back home and starting the 2nd, and I am extremely disappointed that I couldn’t be in Auburn to leave when the clock struck 0:00 to head home. I wouldn’t have rolled Toomer’s because at my age rolling Toomer’s happens when you beat someone that matters to you.

This was a dominant win and one that you could feel in Tuesday’s press conference. What a job by the coaching staff keeping these guys playing at a high level and not letting a shred of success get to their heads. This team has been thoroughly enjoyable to watch for the most part this year, and I am so proud of the effort they’re giving. No place is this better seen than the offensive line, who overwhelmed this State defense in the first half.

Let’s go down to Gainesville and see if there’s some more magic from a quarterback named Nix wearing #10. War Eagle!

-Josh Black

This was better than anything I could have dreamed up. Malzahn wasn’t kidding around when he spoke about how last year’s lost really stuck with the team. Auburn kicked the ball off, held Mississippi State to that first 3 and out, and never looked back. This is the kind of offensive production we all thought Nix and Co. were capable of.

And hey, maybe work on fumbling.

-Josh Dub

This game was over before it even started. Auburn got the ball on the State 30 after forcing a 3 and out, and never looked back, putting up 21 points in 6 minutes without breaking a sweat. Pretty much everyone had a good game in this one sans running backs fumbling the ball. Bo Nix had as good a game as any Auburn quarterback in a while. The defense was great again, and most of the second half points/yards came as our backups started filtering in against State’s starters. As far as players that stood out to me, KJ Britt is a dang monster at linebacker, and Sal Cannella continued to build on a REALLY strong 2019. He’s developing a solid repertoire with Bo, and he’s also been one of the better blockers on the outside.

Oh, and it was kind of a huge weekend for basketball. Shariffe Cooper commit, team (and Barkley) got their rings, and I heard the band play We’ve Got Jared on tv. No big deal.

-Ryan Sterritt

This pleases me. Offense looked good. Defense looked good. And still things to work on. On offense, holding on to the ball (even when you take out the first ‘fumble’). While on defense, we need to go over the RPO assignments for the linebackers and also how to cover a running quarterback. But receivers looked good, offensive line blocked well and Nix delivered a confident ball down field. Loved almost everything about this win, especially payback for last year (and for Omaha...).

-Drew Mac

Wow. We heard all week how focused this team was after last year’s Starkvillian nightmare, but I didn’t think it would be like that. Auburn 100% dominated that game from start to finish, and I’m even glad that MSU put up some points and had a little success on offense at times. It gives Gus the opportunity to keep drilling into these guys instead of letting them get the big head. Bo Nix was outstanding, and he did something that hasn’t been done since Cam, and then Campbell before him. 300 yards passing and 50 yards rushing, and the deep passes were on target. It looks like he’s in rhythm with Williams and Schwartz now, and even Sal Cannella had some huge moments including a rowdy third down snag.

On defense, it’s hard to get even more excited about what we offer there, and the depth is getting chances to develop. We thought we were a little thin after the first string, but even the backups were blowing up Bulldogs all night long.

As far as concerns go, I’m not even really worried about the fumbles as much as I might need to be. Bo’s fumble was a freshman mistake after he broke open for a huge run, Seth Williams’ fumble wasn’t really one, and only Boobee’s was really one that worries me. He has to learn to hold on to the ball. Later in the game when the backups put the ball on the ground, we likely won’t have those guys doing that in real time unless we keep blowing people out.

Man, next week is going to be nostalgic with a Nix wearing #10 in the Swamp in a huge game. If Bo plays as well as his father did in that stadium, we walk out easy winners. He’s turning into an absolute star. And I think I like how Gus is managing things right now. He’s sassy, and completely fueled by Waffle House right now. Just keep the hashbrowns coming. War Eagle!

-Jack Condon