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Snap Tracker: Offense vs Oregon

Tracking snaps played by offensive players vs Oregon.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 AdvoCare Classic - Oregon v Auburn Photo by John Bunch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday, we broke down snap counts for defensive players in Auburn’s epic win over the Ducks. Today, it’s time to give the offense a similar treatment. As mentioned in the previous post, take these numbers with a gigantic grain of salt. Chances are extremely high I missed something so use this as a guide to get a general feel of who played and how much.

Also, I came out to 77 snaps although the official count was 75. That’s because I am counting two plays that were wiped out by a penalty (pass interference on Hastings and the offsides call where Nix did not complete a pass). So that’s why there is a discrepancy.

On with the numbers!


NCAA Football: Advocare Classic-Auburn vs Oregon Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
  • #10 Bo Nix - 76 snaps
  • #1 Joey Gatewood - 1 snap

Unsurprisingly, Nix saw almost all the snaps at quarterback Saturday night. I suspect the coaching staff wanted to give Joey a few more looks but the way the game played out it really wasn’t possible. Besides that atrocious series inside the 5 yard line, not sure really when it would have made sense for him to play. Hopefully this weekend we get to see more of Gatewood including running the full offense in the 2nd half.

Running Back

NCAA Football: Advocare Classic-Auburn vs Oregon Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports
  • #28 JaTarvious Whitlow - 59 snaps
  • #8 Shaun Shivers - 12 snaps
  • #9 Kam Martin - 7 snaps
  • #22 Harold Joiner - 2 snaps
  • #32 Malik Miller - 1 snap

So about those six starting running backs....

To be fair to the staff, they did attempt to use a rotation in the first half. Shaun Shivers saw a good bit of action (thought it mostly came on gadget plays) and Kam Martin got a series. But in the 2nd half with Auburn needing to rally from quite the deficit, it was all Boobee.

I don’t blame the staff honestly. The Tigers needed a spark and relied on their top back to provide it. The only criticism I might levy would be when Boobee was trying to check out of the game and instead was forced to run the Wildcat. It looked like maybe he just collapsed out of exhaustion on that play. That’s when you REALLY need a #2 guy you trust to come into the game to spell your top guy. If Auburn wants to win anything of significance in 2019 they need Boobee healthy.

I was not totally surprised to see the lack of DJ Williams. He was in on special teams and I expect he gets some touches over the next two weeks. Williams missed a good chunk of fall camp with an injury. Hard to see Gus trusting putting the ball into the hands of a true freshman who hasn’t practiced a ton in the fall.

I also hope Joiner isn’t heading down the “Asa Martin/Devan Barrett run that one play” role this season. He’s too talented to limit in such a way. The next two weeks Auburn must give these other guys a chance to prove they can be trusted in crunch time. Ideally, each get at least one, preferably two, series a game where they are asked to run the full offense. I am betting someone will prove themselves talented enough to get meaningful snaps in meaningful games.

H-Back / Tight End

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: AUG 31 AdvoCare Classic - Oregon v Auburn Photo by John Bunch/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  • #99 Spencer Nigh - 55 snaps
  • #47 John Samuel Shenker - 31 snaps
  • #42 Jay Jay Wilson - 5 snaps

I thought of all the position groups the biggest surprise was who got the majority of the snaps at H-Back this past Saturday. After being one of the most hyped players out of camp, Wilson saw only a handful of snaps with almost all coming on obvious passing downs. Instead, it was Spencer Nigh that saw the bulk of the work lining up all over the field including as an in-line tight end.

In the 2nd half, Auburn basically stuck to 12 personnel most of the time running Split Zone with Shenker and Nigh typically lined up on the same side of the formation. It worked for the most part as Auburn was able to put up 21 unanswered points in the 2nd half. I am interested to see if Wilson’s role grows in the coming weeks. He reportedly has some of the best hands on the team and performed well as a run blocker in fall camp. I will definitely be keeping a close eye on this position group moving forward.

Wide Receiver

Oregon v Auburn Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
  • #80 Sal Cannella - 67 snaps
  • #18 Seth Williams - 66 snaps
  • #12 Eli Stove - 49 snaps
  • #33 Will Hastings - 17 snaps
  • #19 Matthew Hill - 4 snaps
  • #5 Anthony Schwartz - 1 snap
  • #11 Shedrick Jackson - 1 snap
  • #17 Marquis McClain - 1 snap
  • #35 James Owens Moss - 1 snap

Not sure I expected to see Sal Cannella play as much as he did Saturday night but I think injuries to this unit kind of forced Gus’s hand. Hastings got a good bit of work before missing all of the 2nd half with an injury. As mentioned before, Auburn relied mainly on 12 personnel in the 2nd half which meant only two wide receivers on the field at a time. Those two were typically Cannella and Williams.

I was surprised Matthew Hill didn’t get a little more work Saturday and wouldn’t be surprised to see his role grow over the next 2 weeks. Schwartz was cleared but with a massive cast on his hand and him having missed pretty much all of fall camp plus not being at spring practice, it was going to be shocking if he got a ton of snaps Saturday. He played one snap as a decoy on jet sweep motion.

That bizarre 3rd down play to Shaun Shivers was even more bizarre when you realize Moss was in as the speed sweep decoy. Funny enough, if they had actually given him the ball he probably would have picked up the first down. That was such a bizarre sequence....

Graduate transfer Zach Farrar did not see a single snap on offense Saturday night. The Tigers seemed keen to rely on known, veteran products at the skill positions. It will be interesting to see if he sees much action in the next two weeks.

War Eagle!