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FAN PULSE: Auburn Basketball Week 7

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Mississippi State Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Finally! After a 13-0 start (at the time of voting), 100% of you are on board with the direction of the program. Perhaps it’s because you don’t have to worry about football season and offensive lines anymore? Either way, it’s nice to see Auburn fans united on something for once. Just please don’t let that graph turn southward if we drop a game or two throughout the season.

How does the rest of the country feel about Auburn though?

Ughhhh. Unless you’re counting San Diego State in the “Somebody Else” category, only one of the teams on that graph is undefeated. It’s not like Auburn’s done it against a bunch of nobodies, either. RPI has Auburn at #3 and NET at #6. KenPom is probably the lowest on Auburn at #16, but they’ve also got Gonzaga at #10. Despite not having played any top-tier teams yet, Auburn has played almost half of its games away from its home court (6 of 14), and has seven top-100 KenPom wins.

And, y’know, they haven’t lost to Stephen F Austin.