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SNAP JUDGMENTS: #13 Auburn 30, Arkansas 28

What was that.

NCAA Football: Arkansas at Auburn John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Yikes. After yesterday, the future of Gus Malzahn’s time in Auburn was in serious question — AND WE WON. However, the rest of the SEC was a wild west gunfight with bartenders cracking bottles over patrons and people shooting through the swinging doors. We still don’t know anything three games in. We at least had takes right after the game:


Sometimes when you don’t have nice to say, it’s better not to say anything at all. So instead of a 1,000-word rant like I would like to do, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

God Bless Bruce Pearl and welcome Jabari Smith!

We didn’t deserve to win that game and we’re extremely lucky and fortunate we did. On to the next one.

-Will McLaughlin

I really only have one thought after that... is this the last win we see from Auburn in 2020? Seriously, think about that a minute. We should be better than South Carolina. We most definitely should not lose to a bad Mississippi State team. Y’all got any other relative toss-ups out of this group after what we just saw? Because I don’t.

-Josh Black

Nine drives into their territory resulting in far too few touchdowns. Erratic passing on short throws. We got bailed out by a ref at the end. All I know is this team is a mess and this game was a mess, but hey, LSU is 1-2 and we ain’t. There are some things this team can’t fix — this team has a clear ceiling. However, there are some things this team absolutely can and should be able to fix.

More Pegues.

Less bad throws.

More Tank.

-Son of Crow

I need to restock my bourbon before next week.

-Drew McCracken

-AU Chief

This is a bad football team that is gonna lose a bunch fo games.

We didn’t lose this one.

Tank Bigsby is incredible and deserves so much better.

-AU Nerd

My snap is this recap.

-James Jones

This was a classic Auburn game, if you will. At alternating times I thought we were making tremendous strides and at others I wanted to pull my hair out and join the Peace Corps so that I wouldn’t have to deal with this level of stress.

When we went down late I almost wanted us to lose that we could have concrete evidence to move on from Gus Malzahn. Our offense did the right things, but never together on the same play. Aside from Tank and Pegues, we had very few bright spots. Bo ran for his life again when trying to throw, and he had happy feet when he did get a pocket and sensed the mildest pressure. In the end, the spike was a cluster from all ends and should’ve been ruled a fumble, but we can get into that at another time. I’m glad that Anders Carlson got a chance for redemption in the end.

I was ready to declare a 2-8 season at the end of the game, but after watching the rest of the SEC, it’s pretty clear that nobody is very good. Alabama’s got a great offense, but gave up 700 yards and 50 points to Ole Miss while whining about their signals getting stolen. LSU and Florida both lost. MSU is awful. Georgia looks pretty good, unfortunately, but at least we’ve already dealt with them. This could be a year where everyone ends up with multiple losses based on what we saw yesterday, especially when you consider the unknown factor of having a bunch of COVID sit-outs.

I don’t feel as bad as I did immediately when Anders’ field goal went through, but there’s still so much room for improvement, and like Crow said above, there’s a ceiling to this team. We may have a stressful season ahead of us. 2020 would have it no other way.

-Jack Condon