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BONUS PODCAST: Banner Society’s Steven Godfrey Talks Auburn

This is a deep dive, y’all.

Ever wondered any of the following things? Friend of the Program and former Auburn student (for 9 days) Steven Godfrey joins Crow and Ryan to give the answers!

  • Are Auburn fans the craziest fans in college football in regard to college football?
  • What is an Anxiety Bowl?
  • What’s up with Auburn’s defense and how does that factor in to this Saturday?
  • What’s the ceiling and floor with Bo Nix?
  • What if we turned Tim Cook into the biggest ultra-booster of all time?
  • Is Gus Malzahn getting fired with a $21M buyout? Why or why not? How do pandemic economics drive the decision? Who would be next on the list if it happened?
  • And a one-sentence review of the new Sturgill Simpson album!

This pod has some relevant info for Auburn vs Ole Miss, but the overarching ideas and discussions will last for the entirety of the Gus Malzahn tenure on the Plains.