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Staff Picks - SEC Week 5

The first true bye weeks hit this week, what do we think?

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

We just thought the previous weeks were rough. Last week resulted in exactly ONE of us with even a winning record! And it was Crow! 2020 is truly a season no one can predict.

Current Standings

Josh Black: 29-23 (4-6 last week)
Son of Crow: 28-24 (7-3)
Ryan Sterritt: 25-27 (4-6)
Jack: 24-28 (5-5)
Chief: 23-29 (2-8)
James Jones: 22-30 (3-7)
Josh W: 22-30 (3-7)
AUNerd: 21-31 (3-7)
Drew Mac: 18-34 (4-6)
Dr Will: 18-34 (2-8)

I don’t know what’s worse: that I went 3-7, or that one of the three was picking South Carolina to win outright. Bo Nix wasn’t the only one having accuracy problems last week. Let’s try and turn things around in a light week, shall we?


We’re doing things a little different this week with the help of Tallysight. All of our picks, including Auburn and Ole Miss, are included here this week. Click/Tap the bubble to see our thoughts on each pick. The tabs will allow you to see our thoughts on totals and ATS.

This week I stand alone picking Ole Miss straight up. I hope I’m wrong but [gestures in Auburn’s general direction over the last three weeks]. Other outliers among the group are AUNerd as the lone pick for Mizzou to cover against Kentucky, and Josh Black as the only one picking LSU to cover against South Carolina. Sadly, all of us think Alabama bulldozes Tennessee. Like my Dad told me a long time ago, “Son, you pick with your head, not your heart.”

War Eagle!