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Boom! Roasted! - Week 5

There are certain week’s where you must go outside of your original game plan to pull off the win. In 1942, Auburn changed their entire offense going into the game with #1 Georgia to pull off the win and keep the Dawgs from a Mythical National Title. Such is this week for the Roasted. Sure, we are going to bring you the best (worst) in College Football this weekend, but sometimes, something else happens on a Saturday night that we are compelled to show you…such is this week…in the Roasted.


If you have checked social media at all or watched any of those review shows, then you’ve seen this but you aren’t going to get the kind of breakdown you will here. So here is the play, in all of its glory. The most rare…the Quadruple Doink and out.

Let’s take a closer…longer look.

Ok so first and foremost, this was in Overtime…for the win…for the Rice Owls…IN THEIR FIRST GAME OF 2020!

Guuuuuh, that looks like Jarrett Guarantano’s dating card after the Kentucky game last week.

And as you can tell, the Blue Raiders bounced back after a rough home loss…by 17…to North Texas…by winning in double overtime over Rice. Woof….Let’s just say the CUSA (pronounced coosa) is not feeling like itself in this Covid Season…


The recent trend in College Football celebrations has been the turn over chains or celebration items. We’ve seen the Championship Belts, Tulane’s Mardi Gras Beads (fantastic), Ole Miss’s Bag of Cash (S/O to LSU) to Tulsa’s pimp hat.

Yes…that’s a real thing.

Those however are so 2000-and late…

Now it’s all about the locker room celebration. What are you talking about Drew?

Well, dear reader…prepare yourself for the glory that came spewing forth from the Coastal Carolina locker room after their road win over the Georgia Southern Golden Eagles.


But….it’s…’s missing something….

I have no other words on this because anything I say would diminish from the overall greatness of all of that.


If you know me, you know I love baseball. I always watch most of the World Series, even if there is College Football on, no matter who is playing, because it’s the World Series, and you should watch. ‘Eh…but nothing exciting happens in baseball Drew…and it takes so long!’ Fine then, you unwashed swine, don’t watch these next two clips then!

Just for context, the Rays are down 1 with 2 on and 2 outs with a 1-2 count. Basically, Tampa is down to their last strike before losing game 4 and going down 3-1 to the Dodgers.

Two errors to finish a WS game is dumbfounding! How do you know that, even if you aren’t a baseball fan? Just check out Dodgers manager Dave Roberts watching the ball get away from his catcher to allow the winning run to cross…or beat on home plate like it’s a steel drum on a Jamaican vacation.

There was a TON of other stuff, including but not limited to a punter kicking someone in the back

And Indiana going for 2 in Overtime…


But chin up Penn State…you get Ohio State this Saturday

What did I miss? Feel free to let me know below!