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The Official Unofficial College & Mag Survivor Pool v4.5

This Pool ain’t big enough for the two of you

NCAA Football: Kentucky at Missouri Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, message received. I guess the game was a little too difficult this year.

We’re down to our final two contestants after just four weeks of picks. On one end, we have our friend Miles55. Miles has been commenting here at College & Mag for nearly two years now. He was among the the week 1 massacre in last year’s survivor pool, where 23 out of 36 contestants lost out when they picked South Carolina over North Carolina.

In the other corner is one of our most loyal and longest tenured readers, OhIndeedMaybe?. OIM has been with us since the spicy Sean White days of 2016. Unfortunately I don’t still have my tracking sheet from 2017, our first year of the Survivor Pool, but I do know OIM hasn’t made it out of the first week two in either of the last two years. Props on breaking out this year!

Let’s see what paths our friends have taken to get to this point:

Picks to Date

Miles55 OhIndeedMaybe?
Miles55 OhIndeedMaybe?
Tennessee over Mizzou Ole Miss over Kentucky
SC over Vandy Kentucky over Miss State
TAMU over Miss State Arkansas over Ole Miss
LSU over SC Mizzou over Kentucky

Somehow these lunatics have managed to pick two different teams every week, and have to yet to pick any of the same teams. They are certainly looking to make it interesting.

Let’s see what they have left to choose from:

Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Georgia are NOT available to be picked.

#5 Georgia @ Kentucky - 11:00 AM CT

LSU @ Auburn - 2:30 PM CT

Ole Miss @ Vandy - 3:00 PM CT

Miss State @ #2 Alabama - 6:00 PM CT

Arkansas @ #8 Texas A&M - 6:30 PM CT

Mizzou @ #10 Florida - 6:30 PM CT

If you feel like I’ve made any mistakes in my record keeping, feel free to check out the official tally here.