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Staff Picks - SEC Week 6

NCAA Football: Mississippi State at Kentucky Katie Stratman-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was light on games but certainly heavy on drama, at least on our side. This week is closer to a full slate with only two bye weeks (South Carolina and Tennessee) and ZERO COVID CANCELLATIONS! Way to not be terrible Florida.

Current Standings

Josh Black: 33-27 (4-4 last week)
Son of Crow: 31-29 (3-5)
Ryan Sterritt: 30-30 (5-3)
Chief: 27-33 (4-4)
AUNerd: 27-33 (6-2)
Jack: 26-34 (2-6)
James Jones: 26-34 (4-4)
Josh W: 24-36 (2-6; for some reason the total on the site didn’t take, but ol Dub said “over” for Auburn/Ole Miss, so that’s an L)
Dr Will: 22-38 (4-4)
Drew Mac: 18-34 (we’re still working out some kinks with Tallysight)

I’m not necessarily mad that Seth busted that touchdown for the win last week, but would it have killed him to take a knee on the 1 so that we could run the clock down/force Ole Miss to use their timeouts (that they took into the locker room with them), kick the field goal, and win a little easier? I certainly don’t say that because it would have been a 2 point win and cover for Ole Miss. Nope.


Georgia (-17) @ Kentucky (O/U 42.5)

SP+ Pick: Georgia -17.3; over

LSU (-2.5) @ Auburn

SP+ Pick: Auburn +0.6; under

Ole Miss (-16.5) @ Vanderbilt (O/U 63.5)

SP+ Pick: Vanderbilt +16.4; under

That’s about as dead-on a line as you’ll ever seen SP+. Seems to indicate this one is tough to separate.

Mississippi State @ Alabama (-30.5) (O/U 64)

SP+ Pick: MSU +27.8; under

Arkansas @ Texas A&M (-12.5) (O/U 54.5)

SP+ Pick: Texas A&M -19.4; under

Missouri @ Florida (-12.5) (O/U 61.5)

SP+ Pick: Florida -19.8; under

Staff Picks

Against the Spread