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Snap Judgments: Auburn 48, LSU 11

Are the fortunes of 2020 starting to turn around? Today’s result would suggest so.

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Yoooooooooooooooooooooo that was something else, wasn’t it!

Auburn absolutely demolished LSU and exorcised some demons from the past three seasons with a 48-11 victory. Two of the last three years the Tigers blew double-digit leads in falling to LSU, but today Gus Malzahn wanted no part of that. He coached like a guy who feels like he needs to fix the AC vents on his seats. Instead, the most recent national championship head coach was the guy who looked completely lost. Bo Nix had his definite best game as an Auburn Tiger, and the defense was back to the standard we knew and loved from the past few seasons.

Enjoy the highlights before we get immediate reactions from this one:



-Josh Dub

Right back atcha, O.

-Josh Black

-AU Chief

I guess I’ll give some analysis then. If you would have told people that Tank Bigsby would be held to 71 yards today, you probably don’t like our chances much. But Bo Nix just played his best game as an Auburn Tiger. He made good decisions all afternoon and finally hit Anthony Schwartz on a deep ball for a TD that he’s been trying to do for weeks. 300 yards passing and 81 yards rushing. We saw the Eli Stove of old getting him involved in the short passing game and the Jet Sweep! The offensive line didn’t give up a sack and played well today.

Defensively, that was the best Auburn has played all year. They had a scoop and score, nearly a pick six and held LSU to 32 rush yards. Zakoby McClain, Nehemiah Pritchett and Owen Pappoe deserve extra kudos for their performances.

We also saw Auburn go 99 yards before half for a TD AND score a TD on the first drive of the second half. That hasn’t happened often. Other than the fumble that resulted in a touchback, Auburn punched the ball into the endzone EVERY time they got into the RedZone today. We’ve settled for so many FGs in that situation over the years.

Yes, this LSU team isn’t great and I know there’s been a lot of frustration this year but I’m going to enjoy the heck out of this one and you all should too. This team may have finally figured things out. If you take care of business against Miss State and Tennessee, we’re 6-2 going into the Iron Bowl. Considering where we were 2 weeks ago, I will take that in a heartbeat. War Eagle!

-Will McLaughlin

Suck that tiger dick, bitch.

-James Jones

Flawless victory.

-Son of Crow

We all needed that. I don’t know if things are actually fixed or not because LSU is a VERY bad football team despite being loaded with talent but I don’t really care right now. Auburn football was fun again & that’s all that matters. Enjoy this for two weeks. War Damn Eagle.

-AU Nerd

Okay, Gus. I see what you’re doing. You figured things out and we finally realized that this is a run-first team. The first two drives were us checking on what would work, and we saw that we could get some rushing yards and control the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. Then, you add in some quarterback runs, switch backs, and sprinkle in some jet sweep stuff, and you’ve got something that Bo Pelini’s little brain can’t begin to comprehend.

Quite honestly, Auburn didn’t do anything fancy today. There were maybe two or three plays that you could say they’d saved for LSU (the Capers touchdown was something I don’t think we’ve seen this year), but the rest of the time was Auburn out-executing the Bayou Bengals. Maybe last week’s win sparked something. Maybe a last-second victory turned the season around. Remember LSU in 2016? Same story. We beat them in a sticky and tight game with a controversial ending before finding a groove and reeling off six straight wins before injuries derailed the season. Maybe that’s what happened last week.

Bo Nix played his best game at quarterback. Incredibly efficient, and he showed off the full complement of skills. Short, intermediate, and deep passing, with the run game mixed in that seemed like he was just better than all of LSU’s defenders. The JJ Pegues element was super satisfying to see, and watching Seth Williams end up getting the better of Derek Stingley after the hype he got last year was cathartic. The entire game was freaking cathartic. Gus needed this win to get some heat off of his back, and what a win it turned out to be. He’s now 3-5 against LSU in his career. It sounds much better than 2-6.

Now, Auburn has a week off (although I might rather they go ahead and play to keep this rolling). Still, they’ll get to regroup, add back a couple of nicked up players, and reenter SEC play with a road trip to Mississippi State. We could be 5-2 after that with a game against an ailing Tennessee team and then Amen Corner part II. This season was looking weird, but after today it just got really, really fun.

-Jack Condon