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The Unofficial Official College & Mag Survivor Pool v4.2

Arkansas v Mississippi State Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

We’re running the 4th edition of our annual Survivor Pool. You can find the rules in last week’s post here.

The first documented accounts of piracy come from the 14th century BC, right around the collapse of the Bronze Age. The so called “Sea Peoples” wreaked havoc in the eastern Mediterranean and Egypt. We don’t really know where they came from, but they contributed to cultural chaos and political collapse in Egypt, Canaan, the Hittite Empire, and the Mycenean Kingdoms in Greece. Still, the “Sea Peoples” are lost to time, with no kingdom or empire to call their own.

Through the ages, pirates have always represented the struggle of man living outside civilization. Whether it’s the Jack Sparrow-esque Caribbean pirates of the 1600’s, Scandinavian Vikings raiding and pillaging Europe, modern pirates off the coast of Africa, or the aforementioned Sea Peoples, pirates have always had to scrape by. Sure, sometimes there were big scores, but it never lasted. Such was the life of a pirate.

So, too, is the way of Mississippi State. After taking down the king, Mike Leach’s Air Raid was thoroughly suppressed by an Arkansas team with no SEC wins in three years. State took on the English Navy and won, then turned around and got beat up by Venice the next week.

Unfortunately for half of you, you took the pirates as your ride or die last week! And die you did. This survivor pool is already down to half of its original size, with nine out of twenty of you picking Mississippi State, and one unfortunate soul (Dr. McLaughlin) being eliminated by a shanked extra point in overtime. Sorry, folks.

Alabama, Auburn, Florida, and Georgia are NOT available to be picked.

So what are the options for this week? Available choices in bold.

#4 Florida @ #21 Texas A&M - 11 AM CT

#17 LSU @ Mizzou - 11 AM CT

South Carolina @ Vandy -11 AM CT

#13 Tennessee @ #3 UGA - 2:30 PM CT

Arkansas @ #13 Auburn - 3:00 PM CT

#2 Alabama @ Ole Miss - 5:00 PM CT

Mississippi State @ Kentucky - 6:30 PM CT

Happy picking!

The official tracker sheet can be viewed here.