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Who Holds the CAMBELT: Week 2

I’m really still doing this

Auburn v Georgia Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Yeah the funny thing about writing an article about how awesome something is, is that you never expect that thing to lay a huge egg on the road in Athens. Maybe I should have. Optimism is much more fun than pessimism and better for my stomach and liver. This article series is also built to withstand some bumps. It’s not just any person who gets to hold the College And Magnolia Boss Energy Leadership Trophy.

A reminder: the CAMBELT stays with the current holder of the CAMBELT until another member of the Auburn Tigers does something to take it.

Georgia Game:

Athens, Georgia, has produced better bands than it deserves. R.E.M. has some certified bangers and also is way more rad than 100% of the fans and students of the University of Georgia. Dawg fans will probably tell you how they saw R.E.M. play a house party before they were big or some nonsense but you wont be able to hear it over the sound of the Conservative talk radio blaring from the speakers of their leased Audi with the “I’d rather be driving a titleist” bumper sticker on the back. What a hip guy.

Anyway, this game was a drag from the jump. Anyone who sat through the whole thing really doesn’t value their mental health or is just a better fan than I am. Not one Auburn player did anything to remotely come close to taking the CAMBELT from Seth Williams. Even Seth Williams only is able to keep the CAMBELT because one cannot lose it—it must be taken. Tank Bigsby seems like a real player, but being the bright spot in an otherwise dull game is not enough.

I will say this, if JJ Pegues scores a touchdown from the Wildcat, this contest is over. He will win the CAMBELT and I won’t apologize for the ten thousand word column that will follow on this web page.

Anyway, here’s to hoping someone does something great on Saturday.