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Now What Do I Do On Saturday?

We aren’t mentally ready for two straight bye weeks

The Masters - Preview Day 2 Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Well we unexpectedly find ourselves in the unique position of having our second bye week in as many Saturdays. It was literally a different month the last time Auburn played an American Football game and I am almost beginning to forget what it felt like.

Oh right. It felt incredible. The taste of Coach O disappointment....mmm sprinkle some Tony C’s on there and it is perfect.

Now because of the global pandemic that seems to be crippling society at large, Auburn fans have to wait another week to see Bonix and the boys take the field. We aren’t prepared for this. You can’t give us a taste of sweet sweet offense like that LSU game and then make us wait for darn near a month to see it again! Our wives will get way too used to having us around for those four hours on Saturday. We might end up at the Container Store!

We need something to fill the void. We need beautiful athletic competition to help satisfy our cravings.

If you, like me, aren’t one of these people who will just watch whatever football game is on because it’s football, then I am here to help you. If you aren’t like me, then just find a football game. I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching Middle Dakota State beat up on West Monument Valley Tech.

Here’s what you should be watching Saturday afternoon (all times Central AKA God’s time):

1:45pm: Germany v. Ukraine UEFA Nations League (soccer)

This one should be a German victory, but you never know what can happen in this bizarre made-up “league” with a one year history. Germany needs to win this game to improve its seeding in the knockout stage.

3pm: Go to youtube and watch episode one of Jared Harper’s documentary series “Respect Vino.” I will be reviewing on this very web page.

4pm: Start episode one of “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix.

This show is a real journey. I had zero expectations going into it and chose it only because it solved the “what are we going to watch no you decide I don’t want to decide” mind melt that my wife and I have every two weeks. It was great. You should watch the first two episodes on Saturday.

6pm: Go outside and walk around the block. It’s not good to sit in front of the teevee that long, man.


Make this

I recommend using King’s Hawaiian rolls instead of hoagies. Panhandle sandwiches are one of the best things on earth, and your whole family will appreciate your new-found desire to cook for everyone. They are also super easy and delicious because butter is undefeated.

8pm: George Jones “Same Ole Me”

Here’s a one hour documentary about the one and only George Jones. Everything about his life seems made up, like when he was pulled over driving a riding lawnmower on a beer run because his family hid his car keys. The Possum himself is one of the wildest characters in country music, and you’ll enjoy ending the evening with this, especially with a belly full of panhandle sandwich.

Beats the heck out of watching golf.