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Staff Picks - SEC Week 8

Seems like it was just our turn

NCAA Football: Auburn at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

There’s a great moment in Episode 1 of the incredible HBO miniseries “Band of Brothers” where Lieutenants Nixon and Winters are discussing Captain Sobel’s instruction to “find some” infractions by six men in the company and give them latrine duty. When Nixon asks Winters how he decided on those six, Winters replies “it was their turn”. That’s how I feel about this week’s postponed game against Mississippi State. Auburn had been lucky to this point, but this was just our turn. So it goes.

Sadly, there are three other games that also got dropped for the week, creating a giant scheduling nightmare for LSU (who have now had games against Alabama and Florida postponed) and no more room for error for several others. As such, it leaves us with quite a thin slate this week. Just three games, and the “marquee” game matches a team we thought might go 0-10 during preseason with the current East division leader.

Current Standings

Ryan: 45-35 (6-2 last week)
Crow: 44-36 (5-3)
Josh Black: 43-37 (5-3)
James: 39-41 (4-4)
Nerd: 39-41 (6-2)
Chief: 38-42 (6-2)
Jack: 38-42 (6-2)
Josh W: 35-44 (4-4)
Dr Will: 32-48 (4-4)
Drew Mac: 22-38 (4-4)

Banner week for the crew. No one had a losing record. Ryan took the outright lead away from Crow. While I only went 4-4, I feel like I deserve a bonus point for nailing the parlay of Florida outright and the over.


Vanderbilt (+17.5) @ Kentucky (O/U 42)

SP+ Pick: Kentucky 34-14 (Kentucky; over)

Arkansas (+17.5) @ Florida (O/U 61)

SP+ Pick: Florida 40-18 (Florida; under)

South Carolina (+12) @ Ole Miss (O/U 70.5)

SP+ Pick: Ole Miss 35-26 (South Carolina; under)

Staff Picks

Against the Spread