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BOOM! Roasted! - Week 8

Truth be told, some weeks on the Roasted are harder than others. After a busy weekend of games and stories, I sometimes have to scrape the barrel for things to poke fun at and to make sure that you, the reader, get to see everything you need to see as you are sent off into another week of work/sleeping on the couch that we all have to do. This week, however, is not one of those weeks. This week is FREAKING CHALK FULL OF HILARITY! Now, that’s not to say that this will be the funniest edition of the Roasted by any means, but damn do I have a lot of content for ya. So, let’s get to it. Welcome, to the Roasted.


Let’s start off this tour of pain by going to the Butt game…Oh, you don’t know what the Butt game is?

There ya go.

Charlie Brewer was 21…

So I show you that, to also show you this.

DANG DUDE!! I didn’t know refs were wearing cups!


I can remember being a student at Auburn and before the 04 Georgia game, someone asked me who the start player was going to be. Kody Bliss, I said without a pause. And, to my credit, he did a great job that day of pinning Georgia deep and almost held them to a shut out. The moral of the story, be sound in the kicking game.

That was not nice and easy Happy. While it won’t give them a pull off the chainsaw, it is a touchdown and YAY BEAVERS!



On the complete opposite end of the spectrum is this next series of events. Normally here at the Roasted, we stick mainly to College Football, but this is too “OH MY GOD WHAT JUST HAPPENED” not to share. Let’s go to Arkansas for a matchup between Fayetteville and Central Little Rock…

Now that is a way Auburn hasn’t tried to lose yet…let’s…yeah, let’s not do that…


On Friday night, Iowa and Minnesota played for one of the most unique trophies in College Football, Floyd of Rosedale. I don’t know the story behind it and I don’t need to, it’s a big freaking pig with a scarf on it. Do I need to know anymore? Well, Floyd might as well be part of the census in Iowa City because he has been there since 2015 and he will be returning after Iowa dominated the Gophers 35-7, and the Hawkeye twitter machine made sure that everyone knew it, please note the comment with the photo.

That’s some solid shade to Gopher fans that thought their Outback Bowl win was a signal of things to come this season. Nope, it only meant you lost to Khaki Jesus in game one of the next season. However, Iowa was not done dealing out shade on this night. Let’s go to the post game presser and Kirk Ferentz!

DAMN COACH! The only thing better would have been if he had said, “well, we didn’t plan on leaving a team mate behind, what with the Covid-19 protocols. So Floyd was coming with us, no matter what.”

I saved the shadiest of the shade for the end though. And for this one, we go to DirecTv for this madness.

HOT DAMN AT&T! Ain’t no need to go in that heave on Nebraska…Penn State sure, but Nebraska didn’t do anything to deserve that shade….to be fair, Penn State has done the bare minimum this year too so…

In the end, the Huskers held on to win 30-23 pushing Penn State to 0-4.

Did I miss anything? Let me know down below! I like seeing what you guys think as well!

Have a great week!