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Boom! Roasted! - Week 6

Man, I remember this feeling…I miss it.

Sitting in the glow of an absolute bashing of one of our chief rivals and now I get to enjoy it for not one but TWWWWWOOOOOO weeks since there is a Bye Week this weekend. It doesn’t get much better than that. While, I know were all enjoying the glory at JHS, there were some other games that happened Saturday that you should know about. Let’s get right to it, in the Roasted!


So we all know the purpose of this play. Keep the ball alive and do your best to score. Well Rutgers is down as you will see on the scoreboard and its 4th down. Apparently there wasn’t a 4th and 32 play on the books so, it’s just toss it behind you and see what happens. Well, let’s see what happened.

HO. LY. CRAP! I’ve seen some crazy things in my life, but that….was Awesome!

Imagine being the last guy for Indiana. You are the safety guy on the play and everything looks good…till an offensive lineman is looking to block you and a flash runs by. For a split second, you forget that you are up 16 and your life flashes before your eyes….then you come to and realize…you are playing in the B1G *shudders*…spooky.

Indiana would hold on to win, but still…that was awesome.


Ok…quick game of ‘Can You Believe…’

1) The losing team had 32 first down’s to the winning team’s 17.

2) The losing team outgained the winning team 530 yards to 287.

3) The losing team passed for 400 yards while the winner had 169 (nice).

4) The losing team gained 5.8 yards per play, while the winner gained 3.8 ypp.

5) The winning team was 2/15 on 3rd downs…that’s it….that’s the stat.

Ok Drew, you are making this up…this couldn’t have happened in big time college football. Well dear reader…it didn’t. It happened in the Big XII.

And just like that, the Big XII has exited the Playoff Chat.

The thing that tilted the table towards the Horns was 5 turnovers that the Cowboys offered to the visitors from Austin.

One last note, it is the first Texas road win over a top 10 team (in a true road game…no bowls or in Dallas) since 2010 over a team in the B1G (Nebraska).


So Ohio State is good. How good? I don’t know, because the rest of the conference is pretty terrible from what I’ve seen. Don’t get me wrong, its competitive and fun to watch but…man…it was a rough watch this weekend. First, the OSU-PSU game happened, How’d it go?


That didn’t work.

Then, Michigan dropped a game to little brother Michigan State…

That…that just isn’t a good look.

Northwestern beat Iowa.

Minnesota got beat by Maryland, led by Tua’s little brother.

Wisconsin was about to have to play with some kid from Sociology class because of the Virus before the real puller of strings on the Madison campus, Barry Alverez, put the kybosh on all football activites.

So, back to the original premis…I don’t know how good Ohio State is, but compare to the rest of the conference, they are top notch.

What else did I miss? Feel free to post below and let’s all enjoy the off week!