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LOCKED ON AUBURN: A Warning for Basketball Fans

City Of Palms Classic Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Auburn sites and message boards have been filled with news, rumors, and hearsay about Auburn basketball’s star freshman Sharife Cooper and his eligibility and the likeliness of playing in the season opener this Thursday against St. Joseph’s. As the season approaches, the likelihood of Cooper making his college debut for the Tigers continues to slip away.

On the daily Locked On Auburn podcast, Zac Blackerby warned Auburn basketball fans to fear for the worst and prepare for a reality that Cooper may not play for the Tigers this season.

Here’s a quote from the podcast and Blackerby’s discussion with Michael Pappas.

Blackerby: I want Auburn fans listening to this to know that there is a very real chance that Sharife Cooper does not play basketball at Auburn. That is a very very real scenario and it stinks. He is the highest-rated recruit that Auburn has ever gotten because Jabari Smith is not on campus yet. I think there is a very real chance that he never plays basketball at Auburn. Just get into that mindset that we may go into this season without Sharife Cooper. I hope I’m wrong, but it certainly does not seem like he will play on Thursday. I would be shocked if he played on Saturday. Now he cannot play Thursday and play this season but we’re just going to have to see. Just get in that headspace, Auburn fans, but I think this is kind of where we are at as far as this development goes.

You can hear the full podcast below.

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