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Staff Picks - SEC Week 10

It’s Rivalry Week?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at South Carolina Jeff Blake-USA TODAY Sports

It’s more or less rivalry week. While it feels right for most of these games to be played after Thanksgiving, the number of games played to this point, the lack of inter-conference rivalries, and [gestures generally at COVID] makes this feel a little off. It almost feels like we’re checking the boxes to get the season finished. To last week’s results:

Current Standings

Ryan S Sterritt: 54-44 (5-7 last week)
Son of Crow: 54-44 (8-4)
Josh Black: 53-45 (7-5)
Jonesy: 46-51 (3-9; I was 0-6 on totals...)
AUNerd: 43-49 (4-8)
AUChief: 45-53 (5-7)
Jack: 45-53 (6-6)
JoshDub: 43-54 (6-6)
Dr Will: 38-60 (4-8)
Drew Mac: 26-48 (3-7)

Totals got us all pretty bad. I’m just shook that we’ve let Crow hang around this long at the top of the leaderboard. I love him, but I don’t think he couldn’t name a plurality of SEC quarterbacks.


Kentucky (+25) @ Florida (O/U 61)

SP+ Pick: Florida 40-19 (Kentucky; under)

Vanderbilt (+14.5) @ Missouri (O/U 51)

SP+ Pick: Missouri 34-16 (Missouri; under)

Mississippi State (+9.5) @ Ole Miss (O/U 69)

SP+ Pick: Ole Miss 36-27 (MSU; under)

LSU (+14.5) @ Texas A&M (O/U 64)

SP+ Pick: Texas A&M 37-24 (LSU; under)

Georgia (-21.5) @ South Carolina (O/U 49)

SP+ Pick: Georgia 34-16 (South Carolina; over)

Staff Picks

Against the Spread