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Boom! Roasted! - Week 10

There’s not much to say in the open. I need to feel better by laughing at other people’s misery. So welcome, all you weary worn travelers…to the Roasted.


You see this in baseball all the time, a coach will go out and make sure everyone is on the same page on what base to go to if the ball is in play, what happens if someone bunts or whatever. You should have seen this in the Falcons-Cowboys game earlier this year when the Falcons should have said, recover the onside kick…

Well, Syracuse should know, hey, don’t take a sack number 1 and 2 don’t pike the ball on the next down, WHATEVER YOU DO, DON’T SPIKE IT!

At this point you have to think that Wes Durham, voice of your Atlanta Falcons, was like, what the hell man. I already have to see this kinda crap on Sunday and now Syracuse is trolling me hard…

So yes, NC State went on to win, shockingly and Syracuse drops a heart breaker…but they did it to themselves.


If you couldn’t figure it out before, this past weekend was part one of Rivalry Week and one of the fun games to watch every year for me is Oregon-Oregon State. Sure, the Ducks normally win but I love in state battles that have weird crap happen, not only on the field, but in the stands too. For more on that, let’s throw it down to the field with Shelley Smith.

SWEET GOD SHELLEY! I didn’t know we were going to go into an eyewitness account of an assault…

So, if you paid attention behind Shelley, you could tell that it was a bit foggy…well it got more than a bit.

My mother always told me to try not an say mean things about a person so I will not say a word about the albatross known as Rod Gilmore that they put around the play by play guy’s neck as the second man in the booth…but good grief…how does he keep work?

The other fun fact Oregon State won this game. Don’t believe me?

Yeah, that happened…

This has never not been true..


So, if you didn’t know, Penn State and Michigan played this weekend. That’s right. Two teams that combined for a 2-8 start to the season, met up in the Big House to see what they could get done between each other. And woh buddy…they did that.

That is literally more enthralling than the actual game.

Oh, Drew, you’re being dramatic.

No…no I’m not.

I swear I’m not.

I’m not at all.

In the end, Penn State won their first game of the year while Michigan lost AGAIN! Joke’s on football fans in Michigan though when the Detroit Lions hire Harbaugh because of something he did in his previous job that he didn’t even win…Ah the NFL, making money in spite of themselves!

What did I miss, I need more laughs. Tell me what you saw this weekend below!