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Staff Picks - SEC Week 7

There are no bye weeks here

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Mississippi State Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Just four games this week as Auburn, Alabama, Missouri, Ole Miss, and Kentucky have bye weeks, and LSU tries to figure out the number of the truck that hit it last Saturday. There’s not even a game in the early window! Everybody is clearing out for the World’s Largest Outdoor [REDACTED] Party like they are 2018-19 Auburn basketball and the game in Jacksonville is Jared Harper.

Current Standings

Ryan: 39-33 (9-3 last week)
Crow: 39-33 (8-4)
Josh Black: 38-34 (5-7)
James: 35-37 (9-3)
Nerd: 33-39 (6-6)
Chief: 32-40 (5-7)

Jack: 32-40 (6-6)

Josh W: 31-40 7-5)
Dr Will: 28-44 (6-6)
Drew Mac: 18-34 (More Tallysight issues, but they have been resolved!)

We have new leaders! Somehow one of them is Crow! Overall it was a banner week, with the staff putting up a 61-47 record, including 9-3 weeks from Ryan and yours truly. It’s a pity neither of us actually made a true investment in that area.


Georgia (-3) vs. Florida (O/U 53)

SP+ Pick: Florida -0.1; 52 (under)

Vanderbilt (+18.5) @ Mississippi State (O/U 44)

SP+ Pick: Vanderbilt +17.4; 49 (over)

Texas A&M (-10) @ South Carolina (O/U 58.5)

SP+ Pick: Texas A&M -11.4; 57 (under)

Tennessee (-1.5) @ Arkansas (O/U 53)

SP+ Pick: Tennessee -2.2; 50 (under)

Staff Picks

Against the Spread