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Tip-Off Countdown: #22 (22) Auburn 116, CSUN 70

Uh, Ryan? Are you drunk? That’s Ron Artest.

Lakers forward Ron Artest vehemently disagrees with a referee’s call as the ball is awarded to the Photo by Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

November 15th, 2019 - Auburn Arena


Good gracious was this a blowout. I could try and talk through the flow of the game, but it would just be “Auburn scored a bunch, then a bunch more, then a bunch more” ad nauseum.

Seriously. Look at this win probability chart from

Samir Doughty set a career high in this game, putting up a 33-burger in just 24 minutes of action. The senior two-guard went 5-7 from three in the first half, including a bucket that put the Tigers up 32-9 near the under-12 stoppage. He put on an absolute show that night, complete with the Philly swagger to tie it all together.

But Doughty’s night wasn’t the most notable on the team. J’Von McCormick, the guy who rose from JUCO nobody to first-round savior to 2019 starting point-guard, sliced and diced the Matador defense to shreds all night long. McCormick tallied a school-record 16 assists in effectively a half of basketball (21 minutes played), all while turning the ball over just once and attempting just three shots of his own. It has to be one of the most dominating non-shooting performances I have ever seen, and it’s nice to think that J’Von will get his name in the Auburn record-book for it.

In total, six different Tigers scored in double-digits, and twelve players played at least five minutes. I recommend just watching the highlights in the video at the top and laughing over your lunch at the absurdity of Auburn playing this team. You may have to click on the tweet itself to get to the video, I believe the fact that this game was a part of the Legends Classic affects the way Auburn was able to share highlights.

Okay, so about Ron Artest. Artest’s son, Ron Artest III, actually was a bench piece for the Matadors last season, so Mr. World Peace himself made the trip down to the Plains to watch his son play. Artest III didn’t score in 11 minutes of action, but it did cause me to do some digging.

As far as I can tell, Ron Artest is the only NBA champion to have attended a game in Auburn Arena. Sorry, Charles.