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BOOM! Roasted! - Week 7 Edition

I must be honest, I really thought to myself, there really is no reason to do a Roasted this upcoming week. Auburn has an off week, so everyone will be at home watching games and enjoying a fantastic weather weekend and a really long week of stress and long nights. Then we finally kicked things off and that thought went right out the window. So let’s get right to it, welcome into the Roasted!


If you tell me that Sam Pittman can’t be the Coach of the Year for whatever reason, I submit that Hugh Freeze should be that man then. Ol Hugh, with the help of former Tiger Malik Willis, has the Liberty Flames ranked and undefeated at 6-0 and ranked for the first time in recorded history. Most detractors would point out that the Flames schedule was somewhat weak and a 2 point win over FIU did give off the biggest confidence boost. However, a win over Syracuse was a nice touch but the clock seemed about to strike midnight on the Flames with a trip to Blacksburg, VA this weekend.

The Hokies and the Flames went back and forth in a great game that you should really sit down and watch if you get a chance, but after both teams scored TDs in the last two minutes to knot things up at 35, Liberty got the ball just over mid field to try for a 59 YARD FIELD GOAL! (just click the video…don’t read the post).

If you were a bad person, or already knows what’s coming, then you know that Virginia Tech called a time out juuuuuuuuust before the snap of the ball, meaning that block and return for a TD never happened. OH URBAN MEYER, HOW YOU STILL PLAY TRICKS ON PEOPLE!!

So Liberty decided to line up for a Hail Mary, that went about 8 yards and out of bounds to set up a much more makeable FG for the Flames.

I love it when coaches out smart themselves.

So the Flames are now 7-0 on the season and still on track for one of the biggest Non Power 5 games of the year at the beginning of December against Coastal Carolina.


I swear this is the only somewhat political thing I will post. This is a happy place where we make fun of other college football things, but when this is said, I can’t ignore it.

Never mind that we are only figuring out who Americans voted to be the leader of the free world for the next 4 years, DaWgS aRe PlAyInG fOr ThE sEc EaSt BoSs MaN!

Well, after the first play from scrimmage (and stop me if you’ve heard this), the red team took an early lead.

Bold strategy by the Gator defense to socially distance during the first part of the game like that.

Georgia would bolt out to a 14-0 lead before the Gators finally got their feet under them and get on the board.

It was at that point, Georgia fan’s wanted the game to end.

However, that is not how life works and we play until the end…much like Florida did.

So the Gators take Jacksonville and now move on to…perhaps…a meeting with the Tide if they take care of their business. Though they now hold a game and a half lead over the Dawgs nows.


So far this year, it has been a banner year for shade being tossed around by teams around the country.

If you didn’t know, Penn State is 0-3 after being delt a heavy loss by Maryland, to which the Terps took ALL the chances to throw that shade.

That’s strong but I feel like you could have gon…..


A little bit closer to home, Arkansas overcame a 13-0 halftime deficit to pull off a 24-13 win over Tennessee in Fayette-nam.

We have documented how strong the Piggy Twitter machine is this year and they came after it again this week.

Mmmmm that is some good stuff right there. If there is one good thing about Auburn pulling off that win, its that I don’t have to do a strong head nod at them for whatever they had ready for us.

So what did I miss, I know I can’t see EVERYTHING no matter how much I try. Feel free to comment below, and have a great week!