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Boom! Roasted!! - Week 12

So…How was your weekend?

Yeah, same here. So I know we will all be busy today hitting F5 like maniacs trying to figure out if:

1) Anyone is hired for Auburn

2) If anything weird happens in the Electoral College

3) If Gus takes the Illinois job because man that would be awesome

So we will only do one Roasting this weekend, and that’s a good thing cause there really was only one thing roast worthy. And you already know what it is.


So, incase you’ve lived under a rock for, oh, 48ish hours, you know that LSU gave Florida WAAAAY more of a game than they should.

We should have seen this coming to be honest. Florida didn’t look fantastic against Tennessee and really haven’t been on point since beating Georgia. However, this was LSU who got skull dragged by uat last weekend and, at times Saturday, didn’t look too interested in playing.

That said, Max Johnson looked like a baller out there and has LSU tied with he Gators late into the game but came up a bit short on 3rd down. However, this happened…

Yeah…he threw a shoe. Not to the side of the field to clear it from another player tripping over it. He tossed it about the distance of where the punt return man would be on the following play, if this didn’t happen.

Got to give it to the ref, this isn’t as good as Ron Cherry’s “Giving him the business” call

But damn that’s solid.

Even Todd and Sean were beside themselves with all this that went on in just moments of going from one end to the other for both teams.

All this led to the following. I could only find both FGs back to back so…here we go.

And as you would think…Florida fans were a touch slack jawed.

At least some were safe and wore a mask.

And, as you would assume, Dan Mullen took this in a calm, reserved fashion.

OK…so let’s go to the adult in the room…Oh god, that’s right…Coach O.

While I love the Ole Miss-Moo State game, this series is probably #2 on my Non-Auburn games list. Something stupid always happens and damned if it didn’t happen again this year.

Ok, so I took the easy road so I could text AUNerd and find out what’s going on. What did I miss during the weekend.

You know what to do below and we will all make fun of it!