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3-Star Offensive Lineman Garner Langlo is Officially An Auburn Tiger

Langlo has the versatility to help Auburn at a number of spots up front

Heading into May, Auburn had very little recruiting momentum. Only a handful of players committed and seemingly no excitement on the trail.

And then all of a sudden they did.

On May 15th, Auburn landed commits from three players on the same day, kicking off a hot streak that would run into June. Capping off that day was 3-star OG Garner Langlo’s announcement that he plans on being a Tiger.

Following the news of Gus Malzahn’s firing, there was some concern that Langlo might leave the class. Coaching instability rumors is what caused his HS teammate 4-star OT Caleb Johnson to look elsewhere eventually flipping to Notre Dame. But Langlo decided to stick it out and be a Tiger.

Today it’s official

AUNerd Scouting Report

Interestingly, Langlo plays left guard for his high school program but his future is likely on the outside given his size. But that versatility could play an important role to Langlo seeing the field for the Tigers as he can help Auburn in a number of different spots. While not as fleet footed as his more highly ranked teammate Caleb Johnson, Langlo might be more powerful. There’s an edge to his game you love to see in an offensive lineman and his raw strength makes him a candidate to find a way into the two deep relatively early in his career.

War Eagle Garner!