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LIVE THREAD PARTY: Oregon Board of Trustees Meeting

Wanna melt a switchboard?

Pac-12 Championship Game - Oregon v Utah Alika Jenner/Getty Images

This has been quite the week for Auburn fans. We won the final game of the season to finish the 2020 year at 6-4, but the next day watched as Gus Malzahn got let go to the tune of $21M.

Then, we have been waiting on tenterhooks since that time to learn anything about a new head coach, in a search where we’re sure of at least two candidates — current Auburn defensive coordinator Kevin Steele... and Oregon head coach Mario Cristobal.

The interesting thing with Cristobal is that his week has been turned upside down as well. Where sneaking him away from Nikeland may have been an easy endeavor, the Ducks were suddenly thrust into the PAC-12 title game with Washington bowing out due to COVID positive case numbers. Furthermore, Cristobal is in talks with Oregon about an extension on his contract, and that leads us to today.

Details of the supposed contract that Oregon wants to offer have been leaked as well:

And wouldn’t you know it, the Oregon Board of Trustees has chosen to convene a meeting today at high noon God’s time to discuss the above terms and settle in on agreement to offer that officially to Cristobal. And wait, there’s a way that you can listen in!

The Executive and Audit Committee will meet on Thursday, December 17th at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. This is a single-item meeting for purposes regarding an employment contract for the head intercollegiate football coach. Members of the media and public may listen to proceedings via teleconference by dialing 1-888-337-0215 and entering access code 6295684. Meeting materials will be available by clicking on the “Upcoming Meetings” button below.

CALL 1-888-337-0215 and enter the code 6295684 to be a part of this.

Here’s a link to the materials being discussed, with some great detail on the offer to Cristobal as well. Use it to follow along.

We’re already in this predicament, let’s have some fun with it. War Eagle!