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Staff Picks - SEC Week 11

NCAA Football: Louisiana State at Alabama John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Last week could have gone better. Some of us picked with our hearts. Personally I regret nothing, which is the reason I have a personal rule to never bet on my beloved alma mater. I cannot expect myself to judge the situation reasonably.

This week we continue this bizarre season with games after Rivalry Week. We even have a throwback to 2001 with the Florida/Tennessee game coming in the week after Thanksgiving. Of course, Tennessee is terrible now and can’t even steal the East championship from the Gators, but at least they’ll get some exercise.

Current Standings

Ryan S Sterritt: 61-49 (7-5 last week)
Son of Crow: 59-51 (5-7)
Josh Black: 57-53 (4-8)
Jonesy: 51-58 (5-7)
AUNerd: 43-49 (he got lost)
AUChief: 51-57 (6-4, he forgot to pick A&M/LSU)
Jack: 45-53 (also lost)
JoshDub: 49-60 (6-6)
Dr Will: 44-66 (6-6)
Drew Mac: 33-53 (7-5)


Arkansas (+3) @ Missouri (O/U 52.5)

SP+ Pick: Arkansas 26-25 (Arkansas +3; under)

Florida (-17.5) @ Tennessee (O/U 62.5)

SP+ Pick: Florida 38-20 (Florida -17.5; under)

Alabama (-29.5) @ LSU (O/U 66.5)

SP+ Pick: Alabama 44-18 (LSU +29.5; under)

South Carolina (+11.5) @ Kentucky (O/U 47.5)
SP+ Pick: Kentucky 30-23 (South Carolina +11.5; over)

Rest of the Staff

Against the Spread