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Boom! Roasted! - Week 11

Have you ever known what was going to happen? Like, you knew what would happen so you didn’t even get your hopes up, so you paid attention to something else completely. And, when people would text you and said, hey man, things are looking good, you ignored them and said to yourself, don’t get sucked in, you’ve seen this movie before. Yup, me too. That’s why I paid attention to other games this weekend and decided not to get hurt again…much like I will do next weekend, because I care about you dear reader…not because my heart has grown cold and I am not willing to hurt myself again for no reason. SO WITH THAT SAID! Let’s get to the Roasted.


(Ok…I know this is different, but play this song while you are reading this next part)

(Just do it, but make sure you turn your speakers down…don’t want people at your office to think….wait, you are at your house still, never mind, just hit play)

It’s 1997, around 2:00ish in the afternoon. #1 Florida is hosting Payton Manning and #4 Tennessee on CBS in a little bit to see if Manning can FINALLY beat Steve Spurrier in his senior year and vault into the title picture. This is the game that he really came back to Tennessee for. THEN! After that, #12 Auburn comes callin’ against #10 LSU on ESPN at night. Auburn is looking for payback after two straight losses to the Fightin’ Tigers including the previous year’s Barn Burner game. You’ve ordered the $5 dollar Hungry Howie’s pizza deal and have things set up to not move for the next 8ish hours. Life is good.

Fast forward to 2020 and this is Tennessee Football.

It’s no joke. The joke is on the field. Literally.


That’s about the best thing that happened for the Vols Saturday. Don’t get me wrong, the Vols FINALLY started Harrison Bailey over Jarrett Guarantano and that helped in that he didn’t throw a pick 6 during the game. Other than that it was more of the same as the Vols trailed 24-7 entering the 4th quarter.

No, really.

It got a little better with a 12 point flurry in the 4th quarter…which finally made a dent in that second half scoring that the Vols have struggled with. Since the Georgia game (the second week in October) teams are outscoring Tennessee 120-26 in the second half of all games. Yup…that’s….woof.


Ok, confession time. I was looking forward to the LSU-Bama game. Not because Bama was going to win, but because of this last year.

(NSFW for those of you who have your speakers turned up all the way)

And booooooy I wasn’t disappointed on the pay back that was given out. However, that’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to end an epidemic. Something that needed to be nipped in the bud long ago.

Can we please end this crap.

I mean really. That isn’t a touchdown.


It was called a touchdown and for some reason, it wasn’t reviewed…I have no clue….but it cost me the under on my bet! In the end, LSU lost 55-17 which that’s about right but 55-7 would have been much better if you ask me.


NSFW…since I’ve already done one.

If there is one thing that’s fantastic about letting 5,000 people into games, is that the parabolic mics on the field are still high quality and pick up a mouse fart in upper deck section ZZ. That’s all I have for this one, the audio is more than enough.

What else did you guys enjoy from this weekend??

Feel free to share with the class below.