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LOCKED ON AUBURN: Where is the “Quality Depth”?

NCAA Football: Auburn at Alabama The Montgomery Advertiser-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s Locked On Auburn, Zac Blackerby and Michael Pappas speculated on several of Gus Malzahn’s statement’s from his press conference on Tuesday.

Malzahn said the following after he was asked about rotating defensive players in and out of the game while defending against Mississippi State’s air raid offense.

“That conversation’s come up. We’ll see how the game unfolds. The uniqueness of this season and having 10 SEC games has kind of hurt our ability to play as many as we have in the past with non-conference games. Each game unfolds a bit differently, but obviously, they throw it and throw it and you need as many DBs as you can get.”

Blackerby responded pointing out how that contradicts with what the offseason messaging was from Auburn’s head coach.

Blackerby: I do not understand how we have seen so few defenders over the course of the season compared to what we typically do. All offseason, this guy, Gus Malzahn, has talked about quality depth. Time and time and time again. And we’re like, okay great. They have got this talented freshman signing class especially with the defensive backs with Chris Thompson Jr and Ladarius Tennison. We thought we were going to see more of these guys. Wesley Steiner with the linebackers is going to be awesome. It does not matter that linebackers opted out because we were told that they have got the depth there. They are just not using it. They are not using it at all.

You can hear the full podcast below.

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