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FANPULSE: Despite the skid, Auburn fans still confident in the Tigers

NCAA Basketball: Auburn at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

It’s been a tough week for Auburn basketball. Losing the best pro prospect Auburn has seen in 30+ years to injury before dropping two games against the dregs of the SEC is certainly disheartening, but it’s good to see fans aren’t blowing things out of proportion. This team is still 22-4 despite playing its worst basketball of the season recently, and things will turn around. Auburn won’t shoot sub 25% from three all season. Isaac Okoro will come back soon. There’s only two more true road games.

They may not be a contender for a 1-seed anymore, but this is still a really good Auburn basketball team.

I was honestly surprised to see Obi Toppin get this much love around the country. He’s a fantastic player (and he was my vote), but it’s seemed like this is a year where there is no one dominant player, like Zion last year. Most of the top NBA Draft prospects are either not playing in college or are struggling, with our own Isaac Okoro being possibly the best pro prospect in the Tournament.

In fact, just going off of Tankathon, only one of their top 10 prospects (Toppin) are going to play in the Tournament. Several of their mid-first round projections are Tournament bound (Okoro included), but I think this speaks to the craziness that this college basketball season has brought. The best teams don’t necessarily have the best players, meaning even the most elite drop games they probably shouldn’t.