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Auburn Football Theater 2020: #9 - 2016 LSU

Hidey-Ho from the SOL, as apparently you guys enjoyed me subjecting myself to watching some of Auburn’s worst wins in its storied history. So what’s say we do it again! If you missed last week’s stink burger, you can check that out here, but this week’s selection is a nasty piece of cheese that reminds us why Auburn needs a quarterback of the dual threat variety, why we can’t stand Rod Gilmore and, while we have the Coach O now, how much we really miss Les Miles coaching decisions. Let’s head in to the theater and dissect the 2016 Auburn vs #18 LSU game!


Auburn had…struggled let’s call it…out of the gate with a powerful win over Arkansas State but stumbled against #2 Clemson and #17 Texas A&M (all 3 games at home). The natives had become restless and a movement was building to force Gus out should he drop another home game to another ranked team.

On the other side of the field, LSU had started the year in the top 5 but dropped its season opener to Wisconsin at Lambeau and then ho-hummed their way past Jacksonville St and Mississippi State. Like in Auburn, the natives were restless as the storm clouds built around this ball game. So with all that in mind, let’s hit play.


With the history of this game, you would expect ESPN to have the voices of a generation on the call for this one. I mean hell! This is the spot that Ron Franklin and Mike Gottfried had for almost 2 decades. Children will grow up, wanting to emulate the two people that they hear on the call for a game like this!


Ok…ok…at least there is an Alyssa Lang, Olivia Harlan, Laura Rutledge or Kaylee Hartung on the sidelines to help me get through this one…

DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! It’s like James Carville and Scut Farkus from A Christmas Story had a baby and threw him in a Joseph A Bank shirt!

*gulp of Woodford*

Brown Party Liquor, you have to get me through this one on your own.

And we begin with Auburn taking the opening kickoff and racing for 9 yards before a punt where LSU see’s their 3 and out and calls for their own 3 and out. Auburn, not to be out done, counters with this…

In fact, Auburn has somewhat mastered this play so far in the early season

Shockingly, Auburn would punt after that and give it back to LSU. As we come back from break, Rod Gilmore is less than impressed with Auburn’s pregame ceremony.

YOU BETTER GET THAT EAGLE TO KILL A LIVE MOUSE ON THE FIELD TO MAKE ROD GILMORE STAND UP AND PAY ATTENTION! Meanwhile, apparently, LSU has somewhat forgotten that they have Leonard Fournette as he has only gotten a couple of carries for a few yards, but Auburn has clamped down on him for the most part, but LSU has been attacking from the air!

I mean, sure, there was a guy in a white jersey there, and sure, normally if the ball is in the air with Auburn corner’s around, there is a good shot the other team is going to come down with it. However, Auburn has three secondary defenders around the receiver….Etling definitely does not ‘HAVE A GUY’, Mark…

LSU would punt and give it to Auburn at their own 48. Note the 1st down play…

This is the first play of the drive and Auburn has their FG Line Target on the screen. This should have been a heads up of what we were in store for. Auburn would pick up a few yards but…say it with me…would settle for the Field Goal from the MVP.

Auburn would kick it off, so LSU from the 25, and all the sudden the ground game got going.

Derrius Guice gets the big pickup and that would set up LSU to get their first points of the day…maybe.

I mean…I am no expert, but who was more in the endzone…Foster Moreau here or Aaron Murray in 2013?

Cause I say neither…ANY WHO…LSU takes the lead 7-3. Auburn would take the next drive and drive down deep in to LSU territory to…settle…for a….Field Goal.


LSU would look to answer and took it from the 25 down in to Auburn territory before Mr. Lawson would apply the breaks to the drive.

Which directly led to…

So, Auburn would have it from their own 34…and would wiggle their way down…into….LSU…territory...

9-7 Auburn takes the lead. LSU would take the ensuing drive and would have to punt it away, to the Auburn 19. Auburn would begin a march to finish the half and had it 4th and goal at the LSU 1.

And that’s how the half would end at 9-7.

After a fruitless drive to start the half, LSU would punt and Auburn took it from their own 14. Some nifty run and pass plays get Auburn down for yet another…

Auburn takes a powerfull 12-7 lead over LSU. And it’s time for the kickoff…

IN THE FACE!!!!! Yup, this is the game that led to a Tosh.0 episode for that young lady. I also love how Mark and Rod both completely missed what happened even though there is an audible gasp from the crowd…way to watch guys.

LSU would take it from the 25 and got some good chunk plays to get close enough for a field goal.

Mark it up to a 12-10 Auburn lead. And as long as the defense stays up and the offense can keep from making mistakes…

Well damn it. LSU gets it from the 16 but dang if that defense doesn’t tighten up and holds LSU to another FG attempt.


Auburn would start the series from the 25 and would begin the march down the field to try and take back the lead. It would come down to a 3rd down play to extend the series.

And Auburn went with the Field Goal…again.

Laugh at it or not, Daniel Carlson is a man and that he never won the Lou Groza Award is a damn travesty.

LSU would get it from the 25 and move right down the field before

Etling would apparently forget you have to hold on to the ball BEFORE you hand it off to Forney.

Auburn would get it at their own 31 and look to put this one away. Three plays later they would puntto the LSU 30. LSU wouldn’t be out done and would punt 3 plays after that. Auburn then took it from the 37 and march past they 50 which meant they were in Carlson’s range.

Auburn takes the lead 18-13 with a couple minutes left.

LSU has to score on this drive and, for it, I can sort of tell how a drive is going to go by the first play.

Well that looks like it will go well. That was like a 3 year old saying no to a plate of broccoli!

Against all odds though, the boys from Red Stick would march down inside the Auburn redzone to try and get the clinching TD. What happens next is too much for me to describe…so here it is in its entirety.

So yeah….it definitely made up for the prior 59:45 seconds but I really want to dive it to one part of that if we can.

WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU LOOKING AT ROD! YOU CAN’T TELL IF THE SNAP IS OFF BECAUSE HE’S UNDER CENTER?! Look at the center’s arm when the clock is at 0:00…has it moved? No? Then the game is over. I hate to bring up Nick for the second week in a row (no I don’t) but this a perfect example of what LSU needed to do here…the whistle blew…they waited…then snapped and the game is over. Against Alabama, Auburn heard the whistle, snapped right then, Field Goal is good. ESPN, can we please get Rod off calling football games. Please…I can’t take that anymore. Have him do Slippery Stairs contests or the Electrical Workers National Championships…Anything but meaningful football…especially games I will be watching. Please.


Following all that, Auburn would find its identity offensively in the person of Kam Pettway as the Tigers reeled off 6 straight wins, including the LSU win. Pettway would get banged up in the Vanderbilt game and Auburn would finish the regular season off with 2 SEC losses. They would however get to the Sugar Bowl against #7 Oklahoma and drop that one 35-19 to finish the season at 8-5 and ranked 24th in the country. While Auburn stumbled at the end of the season against its two biggest rivals, the power that be would decide to hold on to Malzahn after going to the Sugar Bowl.

LSU, on the other hand, would fire Les and OC Cam Cameron the day after this game. In his place, the Tigers would put Ed Orgeron and we all know how that’s going. In 2016 though, LSU would go 6-2 under Coach O with losses to only Alabama and Florida and would cap off the season with a victory in the Citrus Bowl over #15 Louisville as the Tigers ended with an 8-4 record and finished ranked 13th in the country