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Who are the Top Five Power Runners in Auburn History?

Most physical Tiger power backs

NCAA Football: Clemson at Auburn
Cam Newton is one of the most powerful runners in Auburn Football history.
Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

Throughout Auburn Football’s history, Tiger fans have seen many physical ball carriers spend time on The Plains. On the latest Locked On Auburn Podcast, Michael Pappas, and Ben Taylor joined me to discuss the top five.

The conversation continues from numbers 10 through six on each of their respective lists. That conversation took place on Friday’s podcast.

You can hear today’s podcast below.

My top five Auburn power runners:

5. Brent Fullwood

4. Carnell Williams

3. Rudi Johnson

2. Cam Newton

1. Bo Jackson

Looking back on the list, and hearing from folks since the show went up, I may have switched Newton and Jackson. I just have a hard time not putting Jackson on top of any list that he’s eligible to be on. This one was no exception.

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