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FANPULSE: You Probably Voted Before Wednesday Night

It’s okay, I did too.

NCAA Basketball: Texas A&M at Auburn John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

After wins over Tennessee and Ole Miss, getting Isaac Okoro back, and a tough road loss to Kentucky in Rupp, it’s understandable that Auburn fans’ confidence in the program would max out at 100%. To be honest, EVERY fan should be confident in direction of this program in the grand scheme of things.

But with Auburn’s first home loss of the season Wednesday night, there isn’t much reason for the confidence number to go up, other than maybe some naysayers forgot to vote.

At the risk of harping on the same argument every week, let’s just watch some clips from Senior Night, shall we?

Imagine being the school that fired the leading contender for National Coach of the Year? Couldn’t be my school.