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POD: Checking in on the Voice of the Auburn Tigers

Andy Burcham joins the Locked On Auburn Podcast

Voice of the Auburn Tigers Andy Burcham
Todd Van Emst/AU Athletics

We all saw the writing on the wall when the COVID-19 pandemic was starting to cement itself as sports were slowly being cancelled. Voice of the Auburn Tigers Andy Burcham was feeling similar things that we all were when the SEC Tournament had been cancelled.

Burcham had just left a broadcasters meeting in Nashville regarding the SEC Tournament and by the time he took his two block walk back to his hotel, the tournament had been cancelled.

On today’s Locked on Auburn, the Voice of the Auburn Tigers shares his side of the story as he relives the day everything was called off and what it means to him as a broadcaster moving forward.

You can hear the full conversation below.

Burcham also talked some shop about getting into the broadcasting world and offers some advice for younger folks who want to get in the field.

You can hear the Locked On Auburn podcast whenever you get your podcasts.