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Caylin Newton Joining the Auburn Tigers

Another Newton!

Last night, Auburn got a bit of a surprise in the form of a new addition to the football team.

With the news coming out yesterday that SEC football players could resume athletic activities in early June, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel of this sports vacuum.

A few hours later, Caylin Newton, the younger brother of Cam Newton, announced that he would be joining Auburn’s football team.

He’s transferring from Howard, where he led the Bison at quarterback and won the 2018 MEAC Player of the Year award. He earned a bit of fame during the 2017 season, when he led Howard to an upset over UNLV, which turned out to be the largest point-spread upset ever. If you’d placed a $100 bet on the Bison to beat UNLV, it would’ve paid out $55,000 with their victory. It was that kind of an upset.

Newton also had another near upset of a FBS squad to begin 2018 as well, when Howard visited Ohio. The Bison went up 22-17 at halftime and fell 38-32 late as Newton provided more than 530 yard of total offense and 4 touchdowns.

We’ll be clear, he’s not going to be his brother, since he stands at just 6 feet tall and maybe 200 pounds, and he may be looking to play wide receiver on the Plains. Still, the excitement can’t really be beat when you get another member of that family on board.

Check out some highlights from the win over UNLV:

And the near-upset against Ohio:

At the very least, we may some more of a certain former Heisman Trophy winner attending football games this fall: