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Touchdown Auburn: Stove Too Fast

Auburn keeps things rolling

NCAA Football: Tulane at Auburn Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn scored 53 touchdowns in 2019 and over the coming weeks we are going to breakdown each one.

Following Will Hastings’s touchdown, Auburn’s defense forced a 3 & out. Auburn’s offense got the ball back with nice field position on its own 42 yard line and went to work.

Two quick passes to Eli Stove moved the chains. Kam Martin gashed Tulane for 6 more yards on the ground before an incomplete pass setup 3rd & 4. Auburn again decided to to get aggressive and were rewarded.

The Tigers are in a 2x2 look with Will Hastings and Jay Jay Wilson lined up in the slots. Both are running routes over the middle but Bo Nix sees Seth Williams in man to man coverage and likes the matchup. Williams beats the press coverage and stacks the cornerback. Bo’s throw is short so he has to jump up to get it and as a result lands hard on his shoulder knocking him out of the game.

That big catch though set the Tigers up inside the 10 yard line. JaTarvious Whitlow almost ruined Seth’s sacrifice fumbling on the next play. That would be the only one of his three fumbles Auburn would recover. On the next play, Auburn used speed to the outside to find paydirt.

Nix is under center with Whitlow lined up deep in the backfield. Auburn is using an unbalanced line, something they did a bunch of early in the 2019 campaign, with Prince Tega Wanogho lined up outside Jack Driscoll on the right side of the line. Eli Stove comes across on the jet sweep and receives the handoff. Nix fakes a give to Whitlow to pull a few defenders the opposite way of the play.

Some great blocking on the edge springs Stove. Tega forces Tulane’s end to come too far inside to make the play. Spencer Nigh seals the scraping linebacker while Sal Cannella lands a nice crack block on the safety. The only man with a shot is the corner following Stove but it’s too late by the time he arrives. Stove’s in the endzone once again and the Tigers are now up 14-3.

War Eagle!