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Touchdown Auburn: Beautiful Boobee Buck Sweep

Sometimes football is art

NCAA Football: Tulane at Auburn Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn scored 53 touchdowns in 2019 and over the coming weeks we are going to breakdown each one.

It looked like Auburn’s offense had finally gotten going in the 2nd quarter following those two touchdown drives but that was far from the case. Auburn started its next two drives from inside its own 10 gaining a single first down. A bizarre final drive to the end the half sent the Tigers into the locker room nursing a frustrating 14-6 lead over the Green Wave.

Things didn’t start well in the 3rd quarter either with Auburn’s offense picking up a single first down before having to punt once again. But the defense provided a much needed spark on Tulane’s ensuing possession.

Tulane was trying to get tricky here and steal 6 points from the Tigers. Quarterback Justin McMillan takes the snap and appears set to run the ball on a Pin & Pull concept. However, Tulane’s running back, Stephon Hunderson, sneaks out of the backfield for a wheel route down the sideline. Zakoby McClain reads this the whole way sticking with Hunderson.

With the play dead, McMillan attempts to just throw the ball away but doesn’t get it all the way out of bounds. Jeremiah Dinson does a spectacular job running this ball down and making the catch. Would have been real easy to assume the throw away goes out of bounds and Dinson not have chased it down. Big time play by the senior.

That turnover was enough to get Auburn’s offense rolling again. And by rolling, I mean handing the ball off to JaTarvious Whitlow and having him just pound his way to the endzone. Auburn’s scoring drive would take 11 plays, cover 82 yards and all but 3 plays were Boobee runs culminating in this beauty.

Is there anything in the world more beautiful than a well executed Buck Sweep?

Auburn’s in the Wildcat with Prince Tega Wanogho once again flipped over to the right side beside Jack Driscoll in an unbalanced look. Whitlow takes the direct snap, fakes the reverse to Bo Nix and follows his two pullers to the endzone.

Tega, Driscoll and Spencer Nigh do an incredible job sealing the Tulane defense inside. Somehow, Nix’s motion draws two defenders with only one recovering in any sort of time to possibly tackle Whitlow short of the goal line. However, big Mike Horton is there to greet him and Whitlow out runs the backside linebacker to put the final touchdown of the night on the board for the Tigers.

War Eagle!