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Touchdown Auburn: Kam Martin Breaks Free

Kam Martin finds a seam and it’s six quick points for the Tigers

NCAA Football: Kent State at Auburn Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn scored 53 touchdowns in 2019 and over the coming weeks we are going to breakdown each one.

Auburn’s 2nd drive would start deep in their own territory. Poor field position had been a big reason why Tulane was able to keep the Tigers offense out of the endzone for much of the night the previous week. The same would not be the case for Kent State.

The Tigers picked up a first down to move out of the shadow of their own goalpost but quickly faced a 3rd & short. 3rd & shorts didn’t go great for Auburn a lot last fall, this one did.

The Tigers come out in a heavy set with two H-Backs in the backfield in Spencer Nigh and Jay Jay Wilson. Auburn is running Split Zone with Wilson slicing backside. Bailey Sharp, starting in place of an injured Prince Tega Wanogho, almost whiffs on his block allowing the Kent State defensive end to have a shot at taking Boobee down. However, Whitlow shrugs off the tackle and breaks free for a big gain.

Two plays later, another Auburn back would break loose.

Following Whitlow’s long run, he was stuffed for a 1 yard loss looking noticeably winded. Auburn subbed in Kam Martin on the next play and he took it to the house.

Auburn is running GT Counter, a newer wrinkle they utilized with decent results in 2019. Both backside lineman are pulling on this play with the guard responsible for the first man on the edge and the tackle pulling into the hole to lead the back.

Here’s a better angle.

Kent State picked a bad time to call that blitz. The linebacker is looping around bringing pressure on the edge that leaves literally no one for Bailey Sharp to block and no one to tackle Kam Martin. Martin then outruns the two Kent State defenders with any chance of stopping him putting the Tigers up 14-3.

War Eagle!