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Touchdown Auburn: GT Counter Again

The Tigers gash Kent State once again on the ground for six points.

Kent State v Auburn Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

Auburn scored 53 touchdowns in 2019 and over the coming weeks we are going to breakdown each one.

Auburn went into halftime with a 24-10 lead and were looking to start the 2nd half fast.

This is the same type of concept Auburn ran successfully on three consecutive plays on their first touchdown drive of the game. This play has a slight wrinkle with Spencer Nigh lined up as an H-Back instead of a tight end. Theoretically, he would be the lead blocker if Bo decided to keep it instead of giving or throwing out wide to Eli Stove.

On this play, however, Nix elects to give as Kent State brings pressure from the field. The blitzer is a step slow and JaTarvious Whitlow has a wide open lane to run through on the left side of the line.

After two plays that gain a single yard, Auburn faced a 3rd & long in a bit of no man’s land on Kent State’s side of the field.

Nix’s arm talent is on full display on this play. The Tigers go max protect with Spencer Nigh and Boobee Whitlow both staying in to block. Initially on his drop, Nix has his eyes to the left looking to Sal Cannella and Eli Stove. Seeing no one open, he works back to Anthony Schwartz who is in man coverage and is running a deep comeback. Bo plants his back foot and delivers a heck of a ball to Schwartz for the conversion. This is a true freshman accurately delivering a dime from the far hash to the opposite sidelines. There are so many areas Nix must improve for him to reach his full potential but the raw talent is so obvious.

Following that conversion, Whitlow picked up three yards before taking it to the house.

Look familiar? It should. It’s the same exact the play that happened on Auburn’s 2nd touchdown of the night except this time Boobee Whitlow is running into the endzone instead of Kam Martin.

Auburn is once again running GT Counter and once again Kent State blitzes themselves out of the play. Like Bailey Sharp, when Jack Driscoll pulls around there’s really no one to block so he decides to help Mike Horton keep the end pinned inside. Boobee runs through the massive hole and there’s no one in the area with a shot at tackling Whitlow. Touchdown Auburn!

War Eagle!