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What Else Can We Watch

Forging new paths in search of Sport

Super Rugby Aotearoa Rd 6 - Hurricanes v Blues Photo by Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

Auburn fans, it is with a heavy heart that I have to be the first on this page to admit the obvious: there’s a super good chance we don’t get to see Auburn football this fall. I know, call me a liberal or a Debby downer or a fear-monger, but the writing is on the wall. Do I want to watch Auburn football this fall? Yeah duh. Nothing would please me more than for October 10th to be the nexus of the sports universe it might be.

If everything goes according to schedule, Oct 10 would have: a stage of the Giro D’Italia (cycling), a potential game 6 of the NBA playoffs, Premier League Soccer, Texas v Oklahoma, and Auburn v Georgia. Not to mention whatever baseball might be up to at that point. I can’t imagine a better day than gorging myself on a full 24 hours of live sports. Alas, it seems like the college football portion of the day—the filet of the meal—might not be there. It seems like at the very least the season will be postponed or look so much different than we want.

And, to be clear, football is way less important than fighting this terrible virus. It seems ridiculous to even act like my life is inconvenienced as I sit here healthy, employed, and air conditioned writing a sports blog. That said, let me write this sports blog.

What Else Can We Watch, Crow?

Well, I would tell you to watch a bunch of cycling. The UCI schedule has been compressed into a few months because of the virus postponing the summer races. I know you won’t watch it though. Guys in lycra pedaling up mountains while men with funny accents tell you about obscure monasteries in Belgium over sweeping helicopter shots isn’t everyone’s bag.

Instead, may I introduce you to Super Rugby.

You could/should already be watching this. All it takes is an ESPN+ account and a willingness to learn a sport with far too many esoteric rules. You might also want a team to support, so let me suggest you join me as a Hurricanes supporter.

Based in Wellington, our beloved ‘Canes are not the Yankees or Patriots of Super Rugby (that’d be the Crusaders), but they also are by no means the bottom feeders (Blues). They play a fun, attacking style of rugby that is incredibly entertaining when they are hitting on all cylinders. When things don’t go according to plan, the offensive attack stalls and makes you shout at the TV. Sound familiar?

The Hurricanes have a couple of star players you should be familiar with before you buy a jersey (shirt). Ngani Laumape is a big fast man who does amazing things.

He’s fast as, as they say in NZ.

Getting the ball to Lauampe as often as he can is the halfback TJ Perenara. He is the point guard/quarterback/ guy-who-makes-it-happen on the team and he runs the game like Maori Chris Paul.

All this to say, all the games are on demand on ESPN+, and it’s pretty easy to avoid spoilers if you want to wait until a normal time to watch them. I recommend watching our last game vs the Blues from July 18. It was a nail-biter that almost became the first match of the season to go to extra time. Invest your entire self-worth into the outcome of this match, and you’ll be completely out of your seat by the end.

I’m happy to have you join the Hurricanes bandwagon, Auburn friends. We play tonight.


Guys I super hope we can watch Auburn football this fall. I can’t just keep going to international sports for my fix.