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Touchdown Auburn: Flea Flicker!

Gus gets tricky

NCAA Football: Kent State at Auburn Julie Bennett-USA TODAY Sports

Auburn scored 53 touchdowns in 2019 and over the coming weeks we are going to breakdown each one.

On Auburn’s next possession, Gus Malzahn decided to deliver the kill shot to the Golden Flashes. Following two run plays that combined for 19 yards, Kent State’s defense was determined to not allow another gasher on the ground. So determined, in fact, that they would surrender the easiest touchdown of the day.

Gus dials up the flea flicker and it works beautifully. Both linebackers and both safeties come screaming downhill when JaTravious Whitlow gets the ball. Eli Stove briefly bluffs his block but honestly didn’t really have to because the safety had his eyes trained on Whitlow. Boobee tosses it back to Bo Nix who makes the easiest touchdown toss of the 2019 season.

War Eagle!