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Touchdown Auburn: FLASH!

Texas A&M was not ready for this type of speed

Auburn v Texas A&M Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Auburn scored 53 touchdowns in 2019 and over the coming weeks we are going to breakdown each one.

Following the Kent State beat down, Auburn traveled west to College Station to take on an Aggie team facing a terrifying schedule in 2019. It’s not often as an Auburn fan you look at someone else’s schedule and think “dang that looks really tough” but that was the case for A&M last fall. On top of facing the usual formidable SEC West trio of Auburn, Alabama and LSU, A&M also had to travel to Clemson and to Georgia in 2019. Not fun.

That made this game of the utmost importance to Jimbo Fisher if he wished to have any shot at winning 9 games in 2019. Even more so after leaving Clemson with a loss week 2 of the season. Unfortunately for ole Jimbo and company, Gus Malzahn had no intention of being the one good team A&M would actually beat last season and he delivered a heck of a haymaker out the gate.

The week prior to Auburn’s showdown with the Aggies, I noted on Twitter that A&M’s defense had a tendency to get overaggressive at times. Doing so allowed them to create big plays behind the line of scrimmage and put teams further behind the chains but it also left them wide open to counter attacks. Gus and his staff know a lot more about football than I ever will and noticed the same thing. A&M paid dearly for its aggressiveness out the gate.

There is fast. There is very fast. And then there is Anthony Schwartz fast.

On 2nd & short, Auburn subs in JaTarvious Whitlow and shows Buck Sweep to the boundary. A&M’s linebackers attempt to shoot the open gaps while the safety breaks to fill the alley. However, Anthony Schwartz is coming back around on the reverse and Boobee tosses him the ball with a lot of green grass ahead. Bo throws a nice little block to help free Schwartz and then it’s just pure speed.

Any other ball carrier and this is just a nice 10-15 yard gain but Schwartz isn’t your average ball carrier. He out runs both of his blocks, splitting the two Aggie defenders with the best chance of making a play and outrunning the final defender before rounding the corner for six points.

Uh oh Jimbo

War Eagle!